Reviews For Incomplete and All Alone

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  • Reviewed by: punk_rock_barbiedoll on 02/24/2014 🚩

    Oh no!!
    Why did it have to end like that?? :(

    I was getting so in to it that I accidentally dropped the tooth picke I was chewing on!!
    MORE?!? :)

    Author's Response: Man I was starting to worry that either 1. twincest really did die or 2. my story is so shit people didn't get through to the point of reviewing lol. I would like to add more, knowing others are enjoying it also =) so THANK YOU for reading and for being the first to review. I even posted it on the Maddens Livejournal but no one has commented as of yet.
  • Reviewed by: punk_rock_barbiedoll on 02/24/2014 🚩

    I LOVE this!! Nice job :)
    My favorite part is "...jumpstarting my heart. My heart is beating for you." I love that line!!