Reviews For To Defy The Laws of Tradition

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  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 07/17/2016 🚩
    Don't disappear! Come back'

    Author's Response: Ugggggggh, I mean fine, if you insist ;-)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 01/03/2015 🚩
    Hey I remember this story! I like this story! Poor kids. So much drama. Poor Benji is just a teenager trying to help out this clearly emotionally wrecked girl the best he can. But she is seriously, seriously effed the eff up. I love Clem's personality in this story, but I'm curious if those first chapters were fully the REAL Clem, or the 'Clem' she puts out there while trying to ignore her shithole life. Either way, I'll be happy to see another update on this if you ever reappear again.
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/03/2013 🚩
    I totally understand. I gave up the site almost completely while I was in school and studying for my boards. And I heard that nclex is a bitch. Good luck on it! Looking forward to whenever you come back :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 05/15/2013 🚩
    Is this story still alive? Maybe vented? Alert and oriented x 0 but holding on? See what I did there with the nurse humor? But I'm not a nurse... But I can take a mean x-ray. You need a cross table lateral hip, or an open mouth for a nice little view of C-1/C-2, I'm your girl! Annnnnyway... I miss this story :(

    Author's Response: Hahaha I enjoy the humor! I have to be an adult for real now :( I graduated last week and now I have to study my eyes out for the NCLEX so I can actually get my nursing license; I've had to kind of put writing on the back burner for now. I'm just so paranoid about this test and I keep telling myself that as soon as I pass and am done with it I can have all of the time in the world to write. I promise I won't let this one die and it will be back!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 03/06/2013 🚩
    Wow. Crazy drama. It's weird getting to see Dash more. Still trying to figure out exactly what the relationship is between him and Clem. We know Benji's not going to bail. He's in too deep already. I have no expectation of where this story will go, so you can take it in any direction and I'll probably be happy to read lol. It's very different than a lot of the OFC on this site and I really enjoy it. Will be looking forward to more.
  • Reviewed by: Gcgurl on 02/21/2013 🚩
    This chapter was full of drama! Love the story so far! Keep up the good work :)

    Author's Response: Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 02/17/2013 🚩
    Oh lordy... lol. First off, I'm just itching to get more background on Clem. There are so many unanswered questions that drive me crazy lol. I can't wait until some of that finally gets answered. Obviously this chapter was crazy drama. I feel so bad for them! I can't imagine how scared they must be. I have a feeling there is not going to be a happy ending to that situation, so I am just curious to see where it goes. Anyway... glad to see an update. Can't wait for more!

    Author's Response: Ahh, maybe the new update answers some questions? :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 02/05/2013 🚩
    Crazy. Lots of questions. What was wrong with Clem, what's going to happen now that she knows about his feelings, what did the whole thing between her and Dash mean.... Excited to find out :)

    Author's Response: I am terrible with updates nowadays -.- no time for life anymore, but finally got a new chapter up!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 01/26/2013 🚩
    Ooo spicy lol... The drug dealer guys... I don't like them. I feel like that's going to be no good later on. Then hooking up was perfect. I love the way they interacted, leaving it casual and spontaneous like everything they do. And now that the sexual tension stuff is exposed, I'm interested to see how their relationship continues to go without it being a romantic one.I feel like they've just scratched the surface on getting to know each other.
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 01/24/2013 🚩
    heart. I like how they have their own little world that's for the two of them. Like, Benji is still feeling out what the hell kind of situation he is in, but is too much of a boy to really think beyond what's on the surface. And I like that we really don't know what's going on in her mind, so we are force to just ride along with the intrigue. Your updates make me happy.

    Author's Response: That is why I enjoy writing this story so much because I refuse to allow myself to write from Clementine's point of view because I feel like that would take away from her mystery and I enjoy writing from Benji's because it challenges me. I've never been and will never be a teenage boy so I truly don't know how to write from that perspective so it challenges me to give it my best. I'm glad my updates make at least someone happy!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 01/21/2013 🚩
    I think I remember this story from before. If it's what I'm thinking it is, I'm very exited to see you update. If not, it's interesting in it's own right so far and I'm happy to continue to read.

    Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, especially if it isn't what you're thinking it is.