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  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 03/13/2013 🚩

    I'm dying! MY HEART!!! 

    Oh sweet jesus! Dear lord! YOU GIRLS AND THOSE MINDS OF YOURS!!!! 

    You guys have to make a sequel prequel and everything-quel 



    But I'll die happy. 


    LOve you guys!!! 

    Author's Response: why? *fans you with some papers* wake up, dude! (if only that worked with Joel, huh? :P ) We do have twisted minds and we are planning more but co-writing won't happen for a little more while while Legna is under the weather. But we do have grandiose plans for this ;) love you toooo! :)
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 03/05/2013 🚩


    I'm so glad to that the site is back and you two are back. I missed you guys like crazy, and the stories too.

    Re-reading everything, so I'll need a bit of time. 


    Love you girls so much! ;3 

    Author's Response: aww you're so sweet! love you back big time! :)
  • Reviewed by: Rancid on 02/23/2013 🚩

    I really enjoyed this. Can't believe Benji covered for Joel, then Joel fucked him over.

    id love a sequel :)

    Author's Response: haven't I responded to this already? *looks around frantically* OH YES, and then my browser shut down midway! :/ Anyway, we're glad you liked it, and I'd love to say that there will be a sequel soon but my co-author is MIA so I can't promise a date yet. It's definitely in the plans. :)
  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/29/2011 🚩
    aaahhhhhh whhyyyy i wanna knooww!!! you guys are killing -_- but yay! tony and benji are so cutee :]

    Author's Response:

    Hold on....its all about to start coming unraveled in this next chapter! And yes, Tony and Benji are adorable! Thanks for the r n r!

  • Reviewed by: unlikelyriotgirl on 10/29/2011 🚩
    Well I am less confused now. But I had thought Joel's 3rd lover was Tony... and I am guessing it isn't... so who is it??? Ugh!! Suspensful!! Love it!

    Author's Response: I guess you'll just have to wait and see ;) thank you for the r&r :)
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/29/2011 🚩

    awwwwwwww! :) i love seeing tony and benji together since i feel like in actual real life we don't see them together ever anymore.

    Author's Response: aww, yes! :)
  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/29/2011 🚩
    Hahaha. God, Joel, two isn't enough with you? And poor Sasha, I think I like her more than Leigh. :) And Tony/Benji = sweet. Haha. Would they really elope? Excited for the next chapter. xoxo

    Author's Response: he's a horndog, what can I say? :D As for the girls, of course that's personal preference, but let's be honest so far Sasha had a bit more time to introduce herself so let's just give more time for Leigh to 'bloom' :) Tony and Benji, they are such a true couple, I love their part! I think they would elope! YAY

    Thank you for the r&r :)

  • Reviewed by: _thrillhouse on 10/28/2011 🚩
    Bad Joel!! So many lovers. He's such a jackass in this story but he's still so damn hot. He has weaved quite a web of lies, hasn't he? Curious to see how he handles everything, like Sasha going to the wedding...unless she just surprises him there. Not a lot of time for him to do damage control. I feel so bad for Benji. Tony's a sneaky boy. He's bagging Joel on the side, isn't he? So many questions! The wedding ought to be interesting.

    This was so great yet again! Great job, ladies! Keep it comin ;o)

    Author's Response:

    Yep, Joel is bad and hot, lol. Don't worry, his lies are about to catch up with him in the next chapter ;) Remember, he has NO CLUE Sasha is going to make it to the wedding after all. The spider that wove the web of lies is about to be caught between a rock and a hard place...(no pun intended 0_0)

    Tony? Sneaky? Then why is he offering to elope with Benji?

    Lots of questions for sure ;) and I do believe I hear wedding bells ringing so the ceremony should be starting for us all very soon :D Thanks for the r n r and glad you are along having fun with us on this :D

  • Reviewed by: unlikelyriotgirl on 10/28/2011 🚩
    This is story is confusing right now!! But I still love it and I hope it gets easier... maybe I am just a blonde at heart.... update!! Who was the third party in the first chapter btw???

    Author's Response: aw, what did you find confusing? We'll be glad to clear it up - unless it's something that could spoil the surprise ;) For example, the mystery of the 3rd lover... you'll going to have to be patient with that one :P

    ps, that one review below that's left unresponded... I have a feeling Legna should reply to that :D

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/28/2011 🚩
    HAHAHA. Damn I love naughty Joely Moley! And what's the deal with him being a fireman? Fireman? Girl, you really know how to make me giggles. Btw, update soon :D

    Author's Response: oh, who doesn't? ;) Probably those who he screws over... but we sure do like him a lot :D And yes, fireman. Because that's just hot. Literally and figuratively ;)
  • Reviewed by: _thrillhouse on 10/28/2011 🚩
    Oh you girls are such a handful! :o) Great story so far! I do like the dynamic between Joel and Sasha (BTW, amazing sex scene, didn't expect anything less! Really hot anal...something that you don't really see here, unless I've just missed out on it.) Can't wait to see what happens next...and to find out this mystery lover is! Joel's such a naughty boy and I wanna spank him hard ;oP

    Author's Response:

    Yes, Kuz and I do tend to get out of 'hand', lol. I'm am ecstatic you like it! Kuz gets the credit for the Sasha anal part, and yeah, she really did a great job!

    The mystery lover will just have to be a mystery until all is revealed ;) We will be interested in hearing your guesses in the future!

    As for spanking Joel: line up, I think there is a lot of us that would like to pop his cute behind! :-P Thanks for the r n r!

  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/28/2011 🚩
    bad Joel! bad, bad, bad. i'm seriously loving this and i love that Dean is in this, it makes me happy. i hope he has a bigger part than that, sigh. well anywho, i can't wait for the next chapter and i forgot to say this in the prologue but dear god i can't wait to find out who the third lover is!!!

    Author's Response: seems like You and I are the main Deano fans around here :P And yes, BAD JOEL! he's a very, very bad boy! Thank you for reading and reviewing, we appreciate it a lot! :) I hope you'll enjoy this new joint adventure of ours! :)
  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/27/2011 🚩
    i love it so far, you got me extra interested hahah. keep it up guyyss

    Author's Response:

    Trust me, this is going to be the ride of your life! Kuzsi and I love it and I know all of you are going to as well :D Thanks for the support and the r n r!