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  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/27/2011 🚩
    love thiisss! and i can't wait for the sequel :D

    Author's Response:

    Thank you! The sequel will be coming up after our latest adventure. Look for it around the end of the year :D

  • Reviewed by: unlikelyriotgirl on 10/26/2011 🚩
    Well, boo. Too short =( I was more!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!

    Author's Response:

    AWWW! Never fear! There is going to be a sequel! Don't worry! We ended this right where we intended to and as soon as we are through with The Boy Is Mine series, we will pick this right back up. More than likely around the Christmas Holiday :D

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/26/2011 🚩
    So I read the chapter at my office and I had to stiffle my laugh! LOL. it was damn funny scene at the airport. can't wait for the sequel! :D

    Author's Response: ah, that can be dangerous! :D Writing the airport scene had been a blast! Can you imagine it actually happening? LOL Thank you for staying with us all along. I hope you'll enjoy the new story until the sequel arrives ;)
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/26/2011 🚩

    haha loved the chapter! so happy the email part is over and they are all with other face to face hhaa

    Author's Response: I know, right? Things are about to heat up... in the sequel: DUDE! Where's My Car, My Keys and My Clothes? Coming to the theater near you this December! Oh wait...
  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/24/2011 🚩
    Hahaha. I totally love this Chelsea character!

    Author's Response: oh, me too! she will be funnnnn :D
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 10/23/2011 🚩


    I am still laughing at this! You really outdid yourself Kuzsi! Poor Benji! How will he ever stand the embarrassment? And you are correct: Joel is SO dead! Benji will find a way to make him pay.

    Your Chelsea character is spot on! I really like her (especially since she changed names :-P). You certainly have set us up, haven't you? And you did a great job doing it too! Well done, my fellow collaborator!

    Now let's do this thingie with style! Holler (as in AIM me) when you are ready to do it :D

    Author's Response: *smirk* Joely, Joely... *evil laugh* You know, the fact that she changed names, I wonder if she has something to hide! ;) Now, someone said AIM. And then disappeared. Just sayin'
  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/23/2011 🚩
    i loovvee this. please update soon? pretty please? with a cherry on top? :D

    Author's Response: that's on the menu, actually. Because, wadaboooommmmm: next chap is last. ;) Before the sequel I mean :P
  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/17/2011 🚩
    awhh benji DOES have a soft side. i love it soo happy you guys updated.

    Author's Response:

    Thank you! Kuz and I are very aware of this story but sometimes life and other stories we each have gets in the way :( However, we are both determined to see this, (and it's sequel) through simply because we've wanted to write together for a couple years now and this has been a lot of fun for us both, and we hope all of you :D Stay tuned: more is coming up!

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/16/2011 🚩 this :D

    Author's Response: Mmhmm, I do too! Who knew Benji could be so sweet? Thanks for the r and r :D
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/16/2011 🚩
    Oh man, high ball! I'll have to give this some serious thought, it has been soooo long! But I'll manage, no worries :P

    Benjo sounds so sad in this :( Joel will have to try to make up for it somehow... and I have a feeling sending porn won't cut it this time :P or...

    Is it Turkey time already?

    Author's Response:

    Yep, Benji surprised us all and 'shifted', ;) Even caught me by surprise 0_0

    As for what to do, I emailed you and I have a pretty clear idea so whenever you have the time, we will AIM and sort it out :D It was an epiphany of sorts and works out for these two characters, and our future ideas, quite nicely!

    If I am understanding you right and especially in line with my email, yes, it is Turkey time ;)

  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/16/2011 🚩


    Author's Response: too! Gotta love it when it gets cute, lol. Thanks for the r n r!
  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 09/12/2011 🚩
    Okay, when will these two butthead twinnies can meet each other? :P

    Author's Response:

    oh, let's see... one is in school, the other is working about three shifts a day, methinks around Christmas?? hehe you'll just have to wait. Until then, interesting things about to happen on both coasts... ;)

  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 09/12/2011 🚩

    I have NEVER pasted the story text in the wrong place, may lightening strike if I am lying!


    OW!  Okay, so maybe I've done it once...twice...okay lots of freaking times!!!!

    *DUCKS, watches for another blast, but none appears*  Whew!  So yeah, I've done that...a lot.  But I never write slash...

    (I should stop while I'm ahead...)

    I thought you did a great job and I decided to toot our own horn, lol.  Keep up the good work! 

    *runs fast as lightening continues to follow...*

    Author's Response:

    lol, totally believable, keep going. By which I mean...


  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 09/02/2011 🚩
    this story is f*cking cute! :D

    Author's Response:

    ah, haha, thanks :D

  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 09/01/2011 🚩
    i loved this story kinda sad it was short thougghh but still good! :]

    Author's Response:

    don't worry, it's far from over and tons of fun stuff is about to come :) thanks for reviewing :)

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 08/07/2011 🚩
    annoying? what the hell are you talking about? it's creative! :D been waiting for you to update this since forever! *exaggerate mode but you know what I mean*

    and yeah, joel is such a fucking baby in this chapter but I love him! I'm such a sucker for crying Joel. LOL

    Author's Response:

    ah, sorry for making you wait then :D I was working on the other story and just sneaked it in in the meantime. I don't know why you like to see poor Joel so vulnerable. I can't stand when he turns into a cry-baby. But you already know this :D

    The fun thing is that we have no idea what the next chapter will be either until the other one posts it, but I know that it's in the making. I'll be waiting for the update right with you :)

  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 08/03/2011 🚩

    yupp, made me think too...

  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 08/02/2011 🚩

    so, just sayin' i absolutely LOVE that you brought Billy into the story. hopefully, benji and joel make up soon because seeing how mad benji is at joel through those emails makes me really sad! :( 

    maybe one chapter, we can see them without emails? maybe a phonecall between the two?

    Author's Response:

    Thank you!  Yeah, I enjoyed writing as Billy so chances are high he will reappear :) 

    A phonecall is a very interesting idea.  Right now, we are building the base for the story.  Trust me, we are just getting started and are well aware we can't stay in email style forever.  Much more is to come and thanks for the suggestion!  We will seriously consider it :D

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 08/02/2011 🚩
    Auww...cant help but love benji for his softie side underneath all those tattoos :)

    Author's Response:

    I know :)  He reallllly misses his brother and is trying to take care of him even though he isn't on best of terms with his twin right now.  Thanks for r & r :D

  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 07/26/2011 🚩
    lol. i thought joel only had kissed benji's ex-gf when they were young. (saw it in one of the i like the differences between benji and joel in this story :)

    Author's Response:

    I admit I didn't do any research on that, this plot (Joel & Benji's gf) is completely a fabrication of our twisted little minds. Well, mine. But I can't wait to see how Benji/Legna reacts to it:D I like to accentuate the differences between the twins too... it will be interesting to see how the similarities will appear, if they appear at all... hmm *plots with an evil grin, rubbing palms together*