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  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 06/21/2011 🚩

    You know, I'm still struggling with trying to figure out how detailed I should go with my stories. It's difficult for me. Too little or too much can be both distracting. And no, Tanzie isn't distractingly weird, it's totally good weird. Awesome weird even ;)

    Yeah, there was a period when pretty much everything got in the way of writing, and well, it's also not that easy to write when your interest in GC is sort of gone. It happens from time to time, but then I re-discover how cutie-pies they really are (in their own, lame way), and then inspiration strikes again. :) And I love this community and it's a great place to share our writing, so I can't stay away for too long :)

    Ooops, sorry, the color is this really pretty nude, it came in a tiny bottle for something around $1.5 (can't be sure, I pay in Hungarian Forints) and it's great because this way it won't expire before I use it all up. Which is something I can't say of my super expensive Estée Lauder one... Anyhow, I haven't met a women yet for whom this color wasn't flattering. I'm in love. Maybe it wold look good on Benj too ;)

    Now I only have on question, and it's about JustWannaBeLoved's review... *innocent look* Is two-faceted really a word? :D Sorry, foreign speaker here, it sounds funny to me for some reason :)

  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 06/20/2011 🚩
    Yay your back!! I missed you! You know how to deliver a story and this one is a real gem. Tanzie is a bit of a bitch but I like it, the plot lays out and open, the main character is well written, you can tell she's simple and not two-faceted. I love it. I can't wait for more, I know it'll be great!!
    Oh, and I did miss you!!
  • Reviewed by: Special Emma on 06/20/2011 🚩
    Duuude. Starting out awesome as usual. Stoked you're back! Can't wait for more!
  • Reviewed by: tita_pt on 06/20/2011 🚩
    btw where did u got the name Tanzie from? I never heard it before in my life....

    Author's Response:

    Umm this is going to sound really lame but I have a tanzanite ring and idk...tanzie just kind sprung from there.

    Is it distractingly weird?

  • Reviewed by: tita_pt on 06/20/2011 🚩
    oh my...I want some more! I can't believe she didn't say anything when Benji told her he loved her....
    can't wait for the next chapter. when can we expect it?

    Author's Response:


    I'm pretty fast with my chapters. Shouldn't be long. It's actually finished but I don't wanna overwhelm people with too much at once ;) I might post again


  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 06/20/2011 🚩

    Love it! Wow. You had me with the summary already, the name Tanzie is great. Special. Unusual, at least to me.  And I really like the way you write, it's really enjoyable to read 'you' and your detailing is just enough, it makes everything more relatable. Congrats, and welcome back :)

    OH, and Benji's hidden talent with nail polish? I always suspected he had skills, but this is perfect :D I'd actually give him a job, I just bought some nail polish at H&M for a great price, beautiful, flattering color too, but it sure is a bitch to put on. I need his services. I can pay in cookies. Tell Tanzie to pass it on... if none of them ends up running, that is ;)

    Author's Response:

    Thank you! :)

    Yeah, I was hoping when I added the thoughts in itallics that it would make things less...confusing and more personal. & I'm glad you enjoy my level of detail :) it used to me a struggle with me. I was very over detailed in the past. Then when I read other works that were too detailed I ralized how tedious and off plot it was.

    & I'm glad to be back. There are some great writers on here and it's a good community. I've never actually run into you before though, which is weird considering I've seen your stories but you weren't really avid on the site at the times I was.

    Ah, yes, Benji and the nail polish, lol. I was thinking about when he used to paint his nails black...he does seem to know what he's doing. And it's unfair that you tell me what a beatiful, flattering color you have but you don't mention what color it actually is!