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  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 10/31/2011 🚩

    Okay I LOVED the rough draft and final masterpiece line! That was classic as was the 'best man' line later on. And can I just say if I ever get married (HIGHLY unlikely, but still...) I'd simply LOVE for a best man to give a speech like that! It was excellent, well thought out, and very, very well written. Although it really sucks for Joel *sniffs, tear trickles down cheek* But that was top notch, especially the speech! Great job! More please?

  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/31/2011 🚩

    wah poor joel :(

  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/29/2011 🚩

    wahh, poor joel!


    love that josh is acting more like a brother than benji right now.

    Author's Response: poor him :( oh yeah, i love it too. but don't worry, benji would come to his sense soon.
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 10/29/2011 🚩
    Awww! Benji needs to know! I wanna go hug Joely :( He needs it. Love the chapter and can't wait for more!

    Author's Response: Yeah, I wanna go hug Joely too. :( Benji would know about it, but not so soon I guess. Thanks for reading. I'd be posted the next chapter soon :)
  • Reviewed by: ifzi0531 on 10/28/2011 🚩
    Eh, for the comment below, 'Can't believe I managed to grad the story like a telenovela.'
    Grad? What the hell? HAHAHAHA. Sorry I meant to write 'write', guess I was too tired to realize what I was typing. lol
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/28/2011 🚩
    52???? As in fifty-two? Damn, girl! hahaha

    Benji is a total Groomzilla! He's worse than any PMS-in bride! Poor Joel. I feel so bad for him, you just love to torture the poor soul! :P Will we ever learn what's in the letter?

    Author's Response: Yes. As in fifty-two. But it's not the end yet. LOL. Can't believe I managed to grad the story like a telenovela. Haha. Benji? Oh yeah, meanie Benji. Got to agree with you, poor Joel. I feel like I wanna give him a bear hug so that he can be happy again. *Fantasy*. LOL. The letter? Yeah, I think you'll learn what's in the letter but not so soon. Hehehe
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/27/2011 🚩

    wow to the whole thing. i can't beleive joel lied to benji about everything. they need to tell him, with of course josh there.

    Author's Response: thanks for the wow :D heh, benji called him a liar, might as well live with it, right? nah, just kidding. of course the secret will come out eventually :)
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/22/2011 🚩
    don't you belittle yourself! spread your wings and flyyyy! hahaha
    if you got down to it, you could write that story perfectly well :)

    Author's Response: haha. I'll try. :D
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/18/2011 🚩
    How was graduation? Congrats :) But I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy :( Get better soon, drink lots of tea. Alright, I wrote tree at first. And then tee. Do NOT drink those :D Anyway, get better :)

    Poor Joely. It was really sad :( He better not do something stupid. Although with being knocked out it's hard, so YAY HE FAINTED! Now, someone call Tony.

    Author's Response: Graduation was great! Thanks :) Feeling better and starting to write again. Hehe. Oh yeah, poor Joely. Tony? Haha. You and the idea with Tony/Joel never fade out, huh? Maybe I could have a stand alone for that. But I don't have the talent to write those kind of stories like Legna. Haha
  • Reviewed by: hayz_1987 on 10/17/2011 🚩


    Author's Response: O..M..G too! thanks for the review :)
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 10/16/2011 🚩
    OMG! TOJO is SO it! From now on, I hereby christen Joel/Tony slash fics as a "ToJo". *nods to all of the applause* Thank you, thank you! No, don't throw flowers; just send money...and LOTS of IT! :D

    Author's Response:'re funny :P
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/14/2011 🚩
    hm... not easy question. Maybe Toel? Has a little bit of Scandinavian feel to it. Joto was good too, a bit of Japanese there. But, even though nothing, and let me repeat that nothing can beat Tonji, I vote Tojo. So we can practice our autobot voices and say 'BAD TOJO!' again and again and again... *sigh* now I gotta watch Transformers. Again.

    off: has the rich text option disappeared for anyone else, or is it just me and Legna's privilege? Because if so, dear GCFF gods, I want it back. HTML is annoying.

    Author's Response: BAD TOJO? LOL. don't make me laugh so bad! HEHE. Transformers? I drool over Josh Duhamel anytime. *dreamy look*. I think it has something to do with GCFF. maybe. And I couldn't agree more. HTML is annoying.
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 10/13/2011 🚩

    I so forgot to review this chap! Sorry! And I'm with Kuzsi on this: "Ding dong the bitch is dead..." (sorry about my Wizard of Oz song lapse there 0_0)

    I vote Joel/Tony too. Speaking of which, I know when people slash Benji/Tony it is called a "Tonji". What then is it for Joel/Tony? A "Jony" Or "Tonel"? Or maybe a "Joto" or an "Joelny". LOL! I know that it is hilarious, but I am seriously asking here folks!

    Great job! And I do hope she's dead (does that make me a bad person?). Update please?

    Author's Response: haha. wizard of Oz? seriously? lol. Haha. Btw, the name combination cracked me up. LOL. Maybe it'll be "Nyel" ? Oh, wait and see on what I have for the next chapter. I'd update, soon
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/13/2011 🚩

    YESSS!!!! Bitch is dead, the Joely/Tony romance can bloom! (if they can get over that lil' vomit incident...) hahaha

    Aw, ok, I feel bad. A little. BUT. If you killed her off for good, I love it! Then again I love you anyway, so if you didn't, that's ok too:)

    Author's Response: HAHAHA. I don't think Tony will get over that :P You wanna know if I kill her for good or not? Wait! :D
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/13/2011 🚩

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( 

    Author's Response: auw, don't be like that~
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/12/2011 🚩

    OMFG!!!! Noooooo poor Tony!!! I would very deftly kick the bastard out - through the 2nd floor window!! EWWW

    Here's my next brilliant idea: let's make Joely swear off females and turn him to Tony for a little lovin' lovin' :D He's so nice and all. And the girlfriend, well, she wasn't around much to begin with :P

    As for Quinn... *sigh* Whatever she wants. She's beyond help at this point.

    Author's Response: HAHAHA. I love your idea! But maybe I could pull it off in a different story, cause in this story, Joel doesn't swing that way. Well, maybe not yet. Or maybe not at all. LOL. And Quinn? Yeah, wait for the next chapter! :P
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/10/2011 🚩

    aw poor joel and tony. 

    Author's Response: Yeah, but they're cute. lol
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 10/07/2011 🚩

    i really hope so too <3

    Author's Response: thanks! let's see how things going to be :)
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/07/2011 🚩

    AND ASSHOLE JOEL RETURNS! Snarky comments, burp in your face, don't give a flying fuck Joel is back, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, how I missed him :P

    You made me laugh with the thumb war between Pauly and Benji. Omg, look at these two names, like dumb stray dogs. geez Anyhow, for everyone laughing over a broken thumb... tsk tsk, not nice, people. And the doctor too! I would have kicked him in the balls! hahaha


    Author's Response: Hahaha. Oops. Not so soon :P But I guess he'll be back, it just maybe he had to go through some bumps in the road first. Hah! Oh yeah! Mean people, poor Joely~ LOL. But then if my friend went through the same thing, I woud've probably LOL too. :P
  • Reviewed by: hayz_1987 on 10/04/2011 🚩


    Author's Response: <3 too :)