Reviews For Lost, Broken, Confused

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  • Reviewed by: Salem21 on 04/24/2011 🚩

    Oh wow crazy but i like it so far.


  • Reviewed by: Lyndsey Tarrants on 04/20/2011 🚩

    I'm very interested in where this is going and love the way you write. Can't wait to read more. 

    Author's Response:

    Oh, thanks so much. :)
    Working on a third chapter right now..should be up shortly.

  • Reviewed by: Rah-Rah on 03/21/2011 🚩

    Good, I can't wait for you to update more! not sure if i want him to go. If he doesn't...well, he'll miss out on seeing Benj, but if he does....things will get worse for him! please update soon!!!!!

    Author's Response:

    Awsome! Im glad you liked it. :) 

    Thanks for the review. I wasn't going to post anymore cause I got discouraged..thought people weren't into it. So thanks. I appreciate it. :)
    And I will definitely post that second chapter soon!