Reviews For Love, Lust, Confusion, and Comparison

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  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 12/18/2010 🚩
    It was a good chapter but I did feel like things were a bit too rushed for some reason. I was confused at how quickly they left, talked to the parents and then left again. It was good and I was surprised to hear she was pregnant but... I felt like this could have gone in 1,000 different directions and it just left me wanting...more.

    Author's Response:

    its supposed to leave you wanting more and why they left so quickly and got it over with will be explained in the next few chapters.

  • Reviewed by: AndersonMCSarah on 12/14/2010 🚩

    update update update!

  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 12/14/2010 🚩
    Ooh. I can see the changes your making to this story even though you havent really even read my reviews yet. But I love ANYTHING with Billy in it, its been a while since I've read a Billy story in Billy
    s POV so I loved this chapter.

    I see some improvements from the first ones and i think this is moving on great. Continue to work on it and I'll continue reading. :)

    Author's Response:

    Updating today hopefully with Billy back in, Paul's there every once in awhile just have to keep an eye out. and No Aaron...Just playing it off like they don't have a drummer at this point.

  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 12/14/2010 🚩
    I just wanted to know.... Where the heck is Paul and Aaron? Lol.
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 12/14/2010 🚩
    Well, first off, I like the story. However, some of the dialogue is a bit.... difficult, to understand. There are a bit of punctuation mistakes that I saw and it made it somewhat diffult for me to understand. The grammer was good aside from one or two mistakes.

    Like I said, I like this story but make sure to work on it a little more and you will have one great story on your hands! :)
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 12/13/2010 🚩
    Hmmm, very interesting. I noticed a slight few errors but nothing too big. I'm going to keep reading but this a slowly picking up pace. Keep working at it and you'll have a good one on your hands.
  • Reviewed by: pinkmartini on 11/23/2010 🚩
    looking forward to the next :)
  • Reviewed by: pinkmartini on 11/18/2010 🚩
    I liked this one too, I like the direction this is heading. Good job :)

    Author's Response:

    thank you! Chapter 3 is coming along hoping to have it up monday or tuesday!

  • Reviewed by: Special Emma on 11/18/2010 🚩
    this was a bit hard to read just cause the conversation was very choppy between the charachters. but all in all i really like this story. i look forward to the next chapter! update soon!

    Author's Response:

    i know and i'm sorry about that...the stories that i'm used to writing are like Joel - blah blah trying to turn it around to make it a "normal" story is a little hard so bare with me until the hang of it is gotten :/ lol

  • Reviewed by: jackpot on 11/17/2010 🚩

    thanks all of you! getting ready to put up chapter 2 bringing Benji along!! :) hope you like!

  • Reviewed by: pinkmartini on 11/17/2010 🚩
    I like it so far. I'm really looking forward to more :)
  • Reviewed by: sammiluvsbenji on 11/16/2010 🚩
    It's good. Please keep going and write more.
  • Reviewed by: Special Emma on 11/16/2010 🚩
    Whoa. I like the story so far! Update soon! This looks interesting.