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  • Reviewed by: smile on 04/04/2017 🚩
    This is the same chapter as a few ago????

    Am I going crazy?
    Hope you will update, I still come back for this story and am planning to read the whole series again.‚ô•
  • Reviewed by: leen090 on 12/02/2015 🚩

    Love love love!


  • Reviewed by: Kate on 08/05/2015 🚩
    Finally found the time to read this! I totally understand the whole having no time to do anything stuff because that is most definitely my life right now. This story just makes me so happy and I don't care how long you're gone, I'm always going to come back to read it :)
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 08/03/2015 🚩
    Been a while dude! Super enjoyable chapter though, as always. I had to read a few chapters back to remember what had happened but it all came back to me and I loved it even more. Great job dude.
  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 05/07/2015 🚩
    I really miss this story!

    Author's Response: Me too! But it's not forgotten I promise!!
  • Reviewed by: Madness on 02/12/2015 🚩

    You are the only reason why i still come here and i actually squealed when i saw your update. I was so excited. Hopefully, you can update sooner than in six months, because it's killing me. I NEED to know how will their story end, i really do. I have this old book that i found in a used book store. It's a sci-fi story of how the intelligent alien species came to Earth to help people stop destroying themselves and the planet and i stopped reading mid-way thru because i realised there is a sequel to this book that i don't have and the ending will not resolve anything. It will keep my interest and then i will never find out how it all turns out. It's stupid and i cannot let it happen.

    By the way, i have searched the internet for the author and a sequel and there is absolutely no information about either of those things. So please don't be like this book and finish soon. :)

    Other than that, i have no futher comments. I'll wait till they talk properly.

    Also i wish one day to find a dress like Erin wore to the party. I mean the one that fits so perfectly you hardly need anything else.

    Author's Response: That makes me so happy to hear you come back for my story. Iím attached to this story till the end, I promise. Itís too close to me for me to leave it hanging. 5 months later, sorry, but at least itís not 6. Lol. I feel terrible always taking so long, but I just get so busy and then when I do have time, half the time I have writers block, so I only get so far. But just know Iím always working on it and I wonít leave you hanging like your book. Hopefully you find it!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 02/09/2015 🚩
    Hey I know what it’s like to hate your management. I did that for a lot of years lol. But I like Theo and Co. right now. They’ve obviously done some amazing things, just gotta see if it’s enough to get the holy grail. Best farm system in baseball, yeahyeahyeah, that’s nice, but I don’t follow baseball for the farm system. I want a friggin WS and just a consistently better team. All I’m asking for is progress. I’m not expecting a 2015 WS like a lot of people who think signing Lester and getting Maddon automatically negates that fact that half our team is rookies with no guarantee of performance in the majors. But to finish, you know, NOT last in the NLC would be pretty great. But a winning season- I’ll be happy. For now. I was pretty happy with the Motte signing. Yeah, he may not recover, who knows, but if he does and gets back to what he was for you guys, it will obviously have been a good move. Villanueva- I mean, he was not great last year for us, that’s for sure. He got some starts and some long relief chances when good old Edwin Jackson couldn’t make it out of the 1st but we didn’t really have a place for him in our rotation any more. We’ve snapped up all these guys on waiver claims and stuff who have good peripherals and are much younger. I liked him when he played for us, he has/had a sweet, sweet mustache. I wish him the best, but he just didn’t have a place with us anymore.

    Holy shit I was so excited for the Cubs to host Opening Day, only to find out it’s on friggin Easter. EASTER. Come on! My coworker is like, super religious and he’s off that day, so I highly doubt I will be able to talk him into switching me so that I can go to the Cubs game. Even though I’m pretty sure I love the Cubs more than he loves God, just saying. Either way, I don’t think single game tickets are even on sale yet- usually the first week of March. So I’m sure if you wanted to make the trip up to Chicago, it’s still a possibility. Just hope you don’t want to sit in the bleachers since they won’t be ready until mid-May (eye roll)

    And yes, you are right about the Red Sox fans. They are crazy loyal fans too. Not much difference between an 86 year drought and a 107 year drought. It’s a lifetime for everyone who cares either way.

    As to the other parks thing, I mean, come on. Can’t compare the KS fan base to the Cards right? And Cards fans travel. I have no doubt there was more red than blue there. When I saw the Cubs v Cards at Wrigley in Sept there were definitely a lot of Cards fans there. Sigh. That was my last game of the season. Fuck, I miss baseball lol.

    Football huh? I guess I haven’t given it much of a fair shot, because I don’t understand it and haven’t truly tried. But I just don’t care too. I’d watch hockey but I give up winter sports TV rights in my house since I monopolize the TV almost daily during baseball season. I have to abdicate it to the hubs and he just isn’t much of a sports-on-tv guy. Live, he likes them all, but on TV, it just doesn’t hold his attention. He likes baseball the most, thank god, but I think that’s just from hearing me talk his ear off about it for so many years that he never stood a chance. Either way, I’ll take it. Hey, if you try hard enough, maybe you could be that lucky girl to take a selfie with Edelman after you’ve slept with him and put it on Tinder.

    So about that story you wrote… can a girl get a finally : ) lol. But oh man I feel so gypped (I’ve never written ‘gypped’ before and had to look up the spelling and that is not how I expected it to be spelled) on their talking. I get why they got interrupted. For good reason-Nic deserved the attention, and I agree they should not have ruined the post-sex bliss with talking, but I do hope we readers are privy to that convo coming up soon. I’ve been waiting since the last chapter of SCBAAFC for them to have a real fucking conversation lol. And I’m dying to know what’s going on in Benji’s mind. Even though I have hated Erin many times along this journey, I sometimes really forgot how much of her shit Benji put up with. He was 100% in the wrong when the sequel started, because he was the bad guy at the end of the first story, but now Erin is just as culpable for their issues, if not more so, really. This whole story was just a fucking snowball effect of them not having one honest conversation somewhere along the line. I can’t wait to finally see that conversation. And then see what, if anything, you have left planned. I don’t know if you’ve planned to take this past them reconciling or not. Anyway- loved the chapter. So glad you updated. Can’t wait to read more!

    Author's Response: I realize this is like 5 months later responding. Mostly because Iíve been insanely busy and distracted. I moved! Not far, but Iím finally out on my own and getting settled into my own place has been an adjustment. Buying everything I took for granted living with my parents, but also not buying shitty, cheap stuff like Iím 21 living on my own for the first time. Iím an adult and I want nice things and nice things cost money and thus Iím back to working 40 hours a week now. But itís worth it. Plus a place of my own gives me more time and space to write. Despite the fact that it took me 5 months to update. Also I have to give you a courtesy nod for your teams solid standing right now. Only 9 games behind us and over 500 is very impressive I must say. Iím not commenting on the Cards for fear of jinxing us big time. Iíll just say Iím extremely happy. :) So I remember reading this comment when the chapter was first posted and thinking about it a bit. I hadnít written the next chapter yet, but I was taking in everything you said about the conversation and seeing both sides. And then of course I waited 5 months to write or post. That being said, Iím happy to see some of that must have stuck with me because I feel we do get to see both sides a bit. Iím not 100% sure where Iím ending it yet, I have an idea, but I always feel a little disappointed in books when it ends RIGHT when the couple gets together. Iíd like to see what happens after that, not much, but just a little to give me an idea of their future. I think thatís my plan for this as well. So plan for a couple more chapters to come. I hope this one Iím posting now gives you a little relief on the feeling gypped part. (And no I had NO idea thatís how you spelt it either. It seems wrong, but I know itís right. Weird)

  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 02/08/2015 🚩

    Author's Response: Thanks!! :)
  • Reviewed by: Kate on 02/08/2015 🚩
    Finallyyyyyy!!! I've been waiting for these two to end up together for forever and it was so worth it. Well done :)

    Author's Response: Aww thanks! I've waiting to write them together, forever it seems. I'm just glad you're still around to read it! I know I took forever!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 10/30/2014 🚩
    Sorry about Taveras :( I legit got choked up when I found out. Too too sad. Way, way, waaaay too young. I know that's gotta hurt your baseball shaped heart, so just extending the love...

    Author's Response: Awwww thanks. I don't know why, but I never saw this post. :( But yeah it was horrible. We've had too much tragedy with our guys and drinking. It's such a shame.
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 08/07/2014 🚩
    Fine, make me keep talking non-story stuff on your review board, idc... lol. Yeah I can't think of someone I would take cleaned up over a little rough looking. Boys have such a nice ability to look insanely hot by doing nothing. No one's going to find it attractive if I skip shaving for a few days and decline to run a brush through my hair. Unfair. I saw on fb someone posted the trailer for the new season of SOA but I haven’t watched it. I kind of don’t want to, because I’m afraid of what I’ll see. I want to like this last season so badly lol. I’m afraid of disappointment.

    And yeah I'd read about how Kelly and Craig didn't get the info from the FO and thought that was pretty shitty. And I've since read that people think it was also your GM's way of pulling rank over Matheny over issues playing your rookie OF. I don't know how legit that seems. I don't know the personalities of the Cards management to say your GM would do something like that, or if Matheny wasn't playing your guy like he should have been. Either way, that's a rough trade for a loyal fan base. I am definitely the type of fan to get attached to players. But I haven't been able to lately because so many of them are being brought in with intention to flip them back out, and we just keep trading away everyone to fill our farm system. Our most tenured guy is now Starlin Castro. Our most tenured guy has been in the majors since 2010 and is 24 years old. Our most tenured guy is 4 years younger than I am... haha. But our Pres of Baseball Ops says he's hoping this is the last year we are sellers, and I'll be excited to have players stick around. I'm loving our guys in the minors. I mean, like, seriously loving them. I know prospects don't always work out. (Though Baez just hit his third home run during his 3rd game in the bigs, so I'm a little giddy about him right now.) But we now have the top farm system in the MLB. That's crazy, because it's not normal for our team. It's been a hellish few years waiting for the FO to execute its plans for the team, but there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. And it just might be Kris Bryant's dreamy eyes... haha. But seriously, I'm not expecting a whole lot out of next year (depending on what we do in the off season), because we are still in a desperate situation with pitching. We have minimal depth in the high minors, and in the majors, we have... Edwin Jackson. I mean... Edwin Jackson... Edwin, 5.66 ERA, out-of-the-game-by-the-5th, Jackson. He's just terrible. We can't possibly do anything with him in our starting rotation.

    Oh, and you can have the lower half of Illinois lol. Enjoy them. 2/3 of Illinois' population lives in the Chicagoland area anyway. You can have the rest haha. There's like, ten million people in Chicagoland. I'm actually not even from IL. I'm from the most NW county in IN, but we are still an official suburb of the city. So while I can't claim official Chicagoan status, we live more like Chicagoans than Hoosiers. The husband works in Chicago. I most definitely have a (slightly obnoxious ;) ) Chicago accent... lol. It's home, regardless of technical geographical location. I am determined to live in the city (preferably Wrigleyville, duh) one day, but not with kids in school. Adulthood forces me to focus on such things as school systems and tax rates... And if we're really going to be real, more than half of the country laughs at my team year after year. They're the easy target so people use them to detract from their own team’s failures. But honestly, I don't believe there's any other team in baseball that could withstand what Cubs fans do. There are teams with way way shittier fan bases that have gone far further than the Cubs have. But man, I don't care what anyone says, no one can claim loyalty like Cubs fans. I'd like to see the drop off of fans from any other team who has had this many losing seasons in a row without a WS in so long. But you'd better believe when they finally do it, it's going to be utter ridiculousness in Chicago. Two million people showed up for the Blackhawks parade when they won the Stanley Cup, and that was just hockey. Eddie Vedder wrote a song about the Cubs winning the WS that makes me want to (lies, I have before) cry thinking about winning. It depicts perfectly the fragile psyche of a Cubs fan haha.

    Dude, I just went to a park that wasn't Wrigley for the first time- I took my mom to a White Sox game for her 50th because I'm an awesome daughter, naturally, and it is so weird. I had no idea other parks did so much... stuff. It was like being at a basketball game. All the music, the little entertainment things between innings, video boards telling them when to get loud and clap... it's crazy! I wasn’t a big fan. At least they didn’t do the wave. It seriously made me wonder what people think who come to Wrigley for the first time. It's like another world. Makes me really want to tour all the ball parks to see the differences.

    And for the record, yes, Blue Moon tastes like beer, but delicious beer, especially from the tap ;) To me, all beer tastes like beer because it’s beer. There’s good beer and bad beer but it’s all still beer. Alright, well thanks for tuning in to this segment of ‘Erin and Robyn discuss (mostly) baseball’ Until next time…

    Author's Response: So Iíve decided Iím the absolute worst because I take half my life to reply and post. Sorry, Iím seriously the biggest slacker/procrastinator ever made. Itís a problem. That being said. 1: SOA: I decided to watch 90% of the season at once (thank you DVR) and then watched the last 3-4 episodes live. Which turned out to be the best idea because it wasnít until those last 3-4 episodes that my mind was fucking blown. Those few episodes were the exact reason I watched the show in the first place, the reason that I fell in love with Charlie Hunnam as Jax. Iíd already been sold on Charlie alone years before, but Jax was losing my faith. I balled appropriately and I guess I could say the show ended the only way they could with what they had up to that point. 2: Iíve been having a love/hate relationship with our management as of late. Some of our regular good guys are gone and we keep getting seasoned injured players for our minor league with an option to major. Itís frustrating. That being said, and I canít believe Iím saying this but, Iím a bit jealous of the cubs. You guys got Jason Motte. I love love love Motte. Heís an amazing closer and an even more amazing person and Iím incredibly sad and disappointed we didnít keep him. Heís been injured, and I guess they got tired of waiting for him to heal. But once he does, we better watch out. :( So you got Motte and we got Villanueva from you- who I know nothing about. And I canít tell you how jealous I am that you get to host Opening Day for Sunday night baseball. Iíd LOVE to make a trip up to Chicago for that but Iím sure tickets have long since been sold out. 3: Not entirely true. Red Sox have probably the same amount of loyalty. They were a disgraced and shitty team for a very long time too till we so graciously broke the curse. Soo maybe weíll help you guys out this year. We canít seem to pull another WS win out of our team lately so who knows, maybe 107 years will finally be it. ;) 4: Other parks are a joke. I went to a KS Royals game vs the Cards and it was so weird. I mean donít get me wrong, we have the music and we have like 1 game we play (find the baseball), but thatís it. KS has a water park for little kids, a batting game, video game. It was like being at an arcade or a carnival minus the rides. OH and they have this stupid party/beer section with a waterfall and thatís where we were stuck sitting. The amount of RED in the stadium was 3x as much as the Royals blue. IT was a joke. We donít do that. We have a couple theme nights, mostly charity stuff. We had our first every Star Wars Night, but thatís it. Just food and drinks and baseball! 5: New theme. Iíve officially fallen in love with a football player. Julian Edelman is now in my clutches. I actually watched the Superbowl AND paid attention AND mostly understood it. Turns out I just needed a person/team to genuinely root for. The Rams suck balls so no wonder Iím not a fan of football.

  • Reviewed by: centerstage on 08/04/2014 🚩

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love this? No? Well, let me put it this way. I love it so much that you've ALMOST made me into a baseball fan. That's a pretty awesome feat considering the fact that I've never seen a single game.  Anyways. Love it as always.  Glad Erin is coming into herself without Matt OR Benji. Although I have to say, she handled the Matt run in waaaaaay better than I would have!  Can't wait to see what's next.

    Author's Response: You've discovered my secret goal all along, to turn everyone in to baseball (Cardinals) fans. haha. Well I figured Erin was a dick most of the time even if Matt was unaware so it was only right to have her handle this better than anything she's done in the past.
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 08/03/2014 🚩
    Loved loved loved it so much. Cannot wait for more cuteness!

    Author's Response: Haha thanks. Hopefully we're getting there- to the cuteness I mean. ;)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 07/21/2014 🚩
    Giiiiirl, I would have put myself in a bearded Opie-Jax sandwich in the hottest of minutes when I first got into the show lol. I'm only re-watching it now because I powered through so much back then that I couldn't remember some of the details. I heard Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love are going to be in the final season. So that's... yeah... I also heard that after this last season ends, they're starting a new show about the first nine. Idk how I feel about that. Anyway, I just watched Opie get his skull caved in on the re-watch and now I'm kind of over it. I don't think I'll do the rest of 5/6. I'm def not ready to watch Tara get her head skewered again...

    I don't really have a specific AL team I root for yearly. I guess the A's this year since they got our pitchers and I liked those guys... MAYBE I would at the very least wish good things for the White Sox if their fans deserved it. But they're a bunch of cocks so I don't. At least it seems like many Cards fans are knowledgeable about baseball (from my blog lurking- I'm a lurker, not a troller). Sox fans are idiots. They are terrible fans. I live in White Sox territory so it's an issue I constantly deal with. I almost lost my husband to them back in the day, because he originally wasn't a baseball fan, then started getting interested in them. I was like- no, no no. Not liking baseball in even one thing, but you will not START liking it, and like the wrong team. Even then, for years he didn't care at all year to year, he was just officially a Cubs fan. But he's finally getting into it more this year. I legit sit on the couch watching baseball, glaring at him while he runs the vacuum during game play. Bending the gender roles lol. But it's nice to have him want to go to games this year, not be dragging him.

    And yeah, the ASG wasn't the finest moment for the Cards pitching staff. But the whole ASG was a joke anyway- it was the Fox network on its knees in front of Jeter the whole time. I have no problem with the guy, whatever. But good lord- that (and the Futures Game, but I missed it) was the only baseball I had to watch last week. I didn't need to keep seeing Jeets' face DURING game play. The Wainwright stuff was just dumb. I could care less if he did it. That was all blown way out of proportion. He just would have done better not to talk about it. And then pitch better to Trout and Cabrera ;) And Neshek... sigh. I can't think about it. I think about him, then I think about his poor baby, then I want to cry, so I have to stop thinking about him lol. Plus, watching his delivery boggles my mind lol.

    I used to hate beer too dude. But we're much more friendly now. As long as it's not too dark or hoppy. Or just shitty like Bud Light ;) I think I'll choose to pretend you would make better choices. You're just a product of your St. Louisan (is that right?) environment, causing you to make poor life choices. That's why you're a Cards fan who, given the choice, would have shitty beer.

    Okay, I need to stop blowing up your review section with shit that has NOTHING to do with your story haha. Sorry about that.

    Author's Response: Iíd STILL put myself in a Jax/Opie Sandwich. Or Charlie & Ryan. Iíll take those boys any day. Though I do love them more scruffy and rough looking then clean-shaven and put together. ;) Yeah I heard about Marilyn and CourtneyÖ.and Lea Michelle. Kurt needs to stop geeking out over Guest-stars and focus on the task at hand, finishing out with a goddamn bang. Also heard everyoneís head is on the chopping block, so Iím sure itíll be a pretty gruesome season. Kurt got a development deal with FOX, and the story about the first 9 is something heís been itching to do for years (since the show started actually), but nothing is for certain. He already has a show for FX for next year called The Executioner coming out. He was trying to pitch the First 9 to them as a miniseries or something, but nothing is set in stone. I canít talk baseball right now (even if we did a damn fine job last night). Iím still incredibly frustrated and bummed about the loss of Joe Kelly. If thereís one thing I hate about the Cardinals is how douchy our GM is to players heís done with. He did the same thing to David Eckstein. Great guy, great ball player and Mozliek didnít want him anymore so he said David wanted too much money to stick around. Lies. Eckstein even came forward to say he wasnít even offered any kind of deal or contract to even ask for more money. Then he fucking trades Joe Kelly and Allen Craig without telling them. The poor guys have to find out from the press. I get it strategy wise, you want to go to the playoffs and our boys are riddled with injuries, but have some fucking respect for the guys who got you multiple playoff opportunities, who took you to the world series, who have made a life here, made a family here. Jesus. Heís just an asshole. (sorry, like I said, Iím still frustrated and itís for some damn Red Sox so Iím smarting about that too (almost as bad as a cub lol)) Haha I love it. You try to convert him to being a baseball fan and he picks the wrong team. Haha. My St. Louisian upbringing made me make the best life choice possible, being a cards fan. And letís be real here, half of Illinois roots for the Cards (granted itís the lower, white-trash, ghetto half of Illinois, but still). Our whole state and half of yours roots for my team. More than half of America laughs at yours year after year. Haha. (Sorry, I know thatís mean, but it feels good since Iím still a little bummy about our current state in the standings). ;) And no, I donít think if I liked beer Iíd necessarily like Bud, Iíve tried everything just to find one I like, didnít care where it was from. Everyone thought Iíd like Blue Moon (bc as my lying friend said, Ďit doesnít taste like actual beerí UH thanks liar bc yes it does), but no thank you.

  • Reviewed by: Kate on 07/13/2014 🚩
    Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

    Author's Response: Thanks! On it's way!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 07/11/2014 🚩
    So am I crazy or should Dawson's Creek NOT be marathoned? Joey and Dawson's relationship is glaringly, annoyingly back and forth with the bad timing when you watch that shit too closely. It didn't seem that bad before. Or maybe that's because I was in middle school/high school when it was on. And now I'm a full fledged adult lol. Only certain things can be marathoned, I think. Over the winter I did Grey's. I'd never seen any of it before. I was hooked on that shit, but it took a long time to get through all of it. Then I did the first season of Orange is the New Black. Then I popped out my mini-me #2 in April and during maternity leave I did New Girl, the new season of OITNB, and Dawson's Creek. And now I'm re-watching all of SOA. Nexflix and I have gotten pretty chummy lol.

    Dude, but for real, did you have to bring the Cubs record into this? Haha. About a week ago I would have been all ready to say, yeah, I know, BUT they have been playing so much better, because from May 18-beginning on July they were playing the best baseball in the NL. And then they traded away our top two pitchers the morale bust left me looking at a six game losing streak finally broken by yesterday's shenanigans against the Reds. I'm always 100% invested in the Cubs, but I really have my eyes on the future baby. We've been dumping all hopes and dreams into this rebuilding for years now, and it's finally SUPPOSED to start paying off these next few seasons... more realistically probably 2016. We stacked our farm system, so we just gotta finish bringing up those kids, do our $575 million Wrigley renovations (which finally just got approved- since so much of Wrigley is historically landmarked, it has to get approved by a city commission just for the owners to do shit to it), then get that extra $ to invest in FA pitching when the time comes... The pieces are slowly falling into place. But I haven't been this excited about the team going forward in years. But seriously, I know the Cardinals haven't been playing up to 'Cardinals' standards, but take solace in the Brewers totally shitting the bed the last 10 or so games. You're not that far out now. But who knows what Yadi's loss will do- not only is that losing legit talent for weeks (offensively and defensively), but also like, a huge part of the heart. Injuries have just slaughtered your guys this season, yeah? They're, what? Second from the bottom in runs scored this season? That's surprising for you guys. Sorry. Here's something to cheer you up:

    So annnnyway... you wrote a story or something? Let's talk about that... Benji is annoying. Can I say that? Because he likes to pop in and be nice for 8 seconds before going full dick mode again for months. So yeah, Erin fucks shit up. You were a cock year ago, she's a cock now... get over it. You're even. Have a fucking conversation. How old are we? Christ... Erin should have just banged out a good lay. Trying to be responsible and reasonable and shit... blah. Lol. Sigh, I guess she's doing the right thing. Getting her life together and whatnot. Whatever... I am glad she made up with Nic. And I'm glad that was an easy fix at least. Benji's tool mode is starting to wear thin on me so hopefully it doesn't last too much longer. Or at least hopefully it teeters on the side of non-tool more often than not coming up soon. I can't sympathize with him when I don't know his POV, so I'll hate instead. The Matt scene? Rough. Loved. Coming at her like they're bff's or something. But he still doesn't know about her cheating. I wonder if we're done with Matt at this point or not...

    Lastly, dude I'd turn my nose up at you too for drinking Bud Light. Fucking gross. And I feel like that's a real life Erin choice, not just a story Erin choice. I don't go letting my Lily character drink Bud Light just because she's fake. Bitch drinks what I stock in my fridge. And it sure as shit ain't piss-beer. Last year I was introduced to 312 and now everything else pales in comparison anyway. Shit's legit. Sorry your taste in beer sucks!

    Author's Response: Dawsonís Creek should ALWAYS be marathoned. This viewing made me realize just how annoy Joey/Dawson are together. Dawson is more tolerable when heís not mooning or whining over Joey. Oh man, marathoning Greyís is a BIG task. I did it back when there was only 8 seasons and even that was rough for me. I just wanted to get to all the Mark and Lexie stuff and April and Jackson stuff. My two shippers. Lol. Good luck with SOA. That show was my <3 for years but the last season or 2 has just been too terrible for me to brag about to people who donít watch. Itís so unfortunate. Iím hoping that after the show is over and I give it a year or so and I go back and marathon it wonít seem so bad. :( (Congrats on mini-me #2!) Of course I have to bring the Cubs into it. Itís the only thing that makes me feel better about my boys upís and downís. lol. Itís every Cards fans right. ;) Just like itís my duty to shame every Cub player that TRIES to become a Card. Iím looking at you Theriot. Just like I shamed Jim Edmonds when he embarrassed his life by putting on that Blue Jersey. Get out of here. I want nothing you have buddy. Lol. Yeah Iím still feeling a little chapped by the All-Star fiasco. That was not our best moments. :( It looks like weíre gonna find ourselves in the Wild-Card run again as per our tradition I guess. Iím not happy about it. The only thing Iím happy about in the world of MLB is my other team (I always root for 1 AL team) the Oís are fucking rocking it right now. Iím pretty happy about that. But thatís it. Benji is a butthead. Letís be honest. And heís acting like a girl. Which is sorta my point. Haha. This story is more about him knowing what he wants and Erin being fickle and he reacts sort like she did in the first only way more obvious because now (after all this time) theyíre sorta out and in the open with their feelings. Sorta. But yes you pretty much got the gist of the whole idea. Theyíre both cocks. Lol . I think youíll like the next chapter much, much more. Actually thatís not totally true. Real Erin is one of those huge assholes who hates beer. However, IF I liked beer of course Iíd be drinking Bud Light. Anheuser-Busch is one of the hearts of St. Louis. People here bleed Bud Light. Well that and Busch, but itís pretty much in the same category. I canít really truly say what is and isnít good beer because I think it all tastes like stale piss. So I just went with my town roots. :P

  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/02/2014 🚩
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    Author's Response: You're harassment worked, even if it took me an extra month. Haha. Which is my usual pace apparently. The ironic thing is, I too have been watching Dawson's Creek. I marathoned the shit out of it the weekend of the 4th, my way of massively procrastinating on writing. But it got my juices flowing enough to knock out this chapter and give me direction for the end, so it worked. I must say your dream "Erin" sounds an awful lot like me personally. Clever idea switching up the song. Lol. Though to a real jerkface, I'd also admit that I would never touch anything 'Cubs' related, even if it's their song and I'm stealing it to switch it to Cards. That being said, my boys aren't doing as swell as I'd like them (and that's me putting it politely and not cursing and screaming about our recent fumbles and injuries. It just hurts my heart too much.).
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    Author's Response: Three months later I reply and with that comes a new chapter. Sorry for the wait, but glad you're still reading! :)
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    Author's Response: Haha sorry the wait has been so long. There is an Erin/Benji reunion of sorts, but the best is yet to come. You'll like the next chapter with it's massive amounts of Tony though. And yes, him becoming a dad IRL is totally weird. But totally love his kids name (London), I can't wait to see what he looks like. ALSO Tony is BLONDE again! It's so weird seeing pics. It's like not real or something or he's posting super old pics. I can't take it. lol. And Yes Matt is finally gone!
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