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  • Reviewed by: benjisbabygrl on 02/21/2013 🚩
    OMG!! When I read the last part of Joel's tweet I started crying :'(

    Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry! Please don't! Look, a bunny! :)

    ( Y)

    ( . .)


  • Reviewed by: Misfita on 08/07/2010 🚩
    OH GODDD i didnt even comprehend the dying part nooo waaay i wanted it to continue whaaaat :(

    Author's Response: Aww, Im sorry:( i suggest you read something happier to make up for it. :)
  • Reviewed by: breebree on 07/05/2010 🚩

    Ending was definitely surprising....but I loved the whole thing!


    Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so happy you liked it :)
  • Reviewed by: GCFreak on 06/10/2010 🚩
    WOW!!! O.O Talk about surprise ending. But very very good story honey!! I loved it! I'm addicted to twitter. lol And Benji...

    Author's Response: Aww, thank you :)) As for twitter, fine, I'm down with it. Benji? Hot damn, YES! But Benji AND twitter? Aside from this story, nothing good ever came out of it :D He's super annoying on twitter, lol. Why do I have a feeling that that's how he is in real life too? :D Anyway, we're here to lust over fictional, tweaked-to-perfection Benji's, so all is good. :) Thank you again :)
  • Reviewed by: booboo on 05/10/2010 🚩
    that was just evil. it was so cute and hot, how could u have made them die :( u need to make another story and make it a happy ending. another benji story preferably i love him :)

    Author's Response: Aw, love him too :) But ALL my stories are Benji stories, lol. Poor Joel was being left out for all this time, now I'm trying to involve him too a bit. But I have plenty of Benji stories with happy endings. I think. Well, the Screwed series is one for sure, and I *think* I have some one-shots too. I can't seem to remember. That's kind of worrisome....
  • Reviewed by: xyounghopeless3x on 05/08/2010 🚩

    i was a little upset you killed them! LOL! but GREAT story! =D

    Author's Response: I'm sorry I upset you. :( I can assure he's well and alive in real life, moreover you can check him out working out on a new vid which is probably kinda hot, but I haven't seen it yet so I can't tell if it's a gun show or a sweat-fest. :D Thank you so so much for your review! I'm glad you liked the story :)
  • Reviewed by: xixamxgrimx on 05/03/2010 🚩
    Oh.My.God.....That was so touching. It was sad, but oh my God was it good.

    Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I'm glad you liked it, and that it touched you <:)
  • Reviewed by: benjisgirl06 on 04/29/2010 🚩
    That was sad but I really liked it!!

    Author's Response: Thank you! :) And seeing as your pen-name is benjisgirl, I fell that it is my responsibility to tell you that Benji is well and alive and can't wait to meet you ;) TYVM for your review:)
  • Reviewed by: xblueandyellowx on 04/28/2010 🚩

    What? Why did it have to end like that?! Haha, it was good. I especially liked the twitter dialog tied in to it. Good job.

    Author's Response: What can I say? I love drama and unexpected turns. :D Adding the tweets was the whole point actually. I set up a twitter account just for this story :D And ever since I have it, no tweets have EVER surfaced from my pen. I mean keyboard. Anyway, thank you very much for your review and kind words, I appreciate it very much! :) xo
  • Reviewed by: Smiley_Screamer on 04/28/2010 🚩
    oh shit) i've re-read it here and i looove it) don't know if you've changed something since you've sent me it, bit it's still soooo goood)) and dramatic :D

    Author's Response: Actually, yes, I have changed it a bit. You remember how we both felt like it wasn't right somehow? I've decided to take some parts off and add a few bits. It felt more natural this way. I'm glad you liked it (more this time) :P TY :)
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 04/28/2010 🚩
    Both twins? As in a threesome? Or just a story both with an OFC? Or...slash?

    Regardless of your answer: I want the story with BOTH TWINS! :D

    Author's Response: Ay, Ay, Captain!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 04/27/2010 🚩
    i dont if it is cuz im damn sensible, but im crayin like a baby w d ending! Loved d story

    Author's Response: awww, don't cry sweetie! *hands over PTs* I'm so so glad you liked it! :)) And thank you for your review. I'll make sure to have my people send over the real Benji for you in turn. Of course just so you can see that he's well and alive. (And ahem, 'how' well and alive too ;) )
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 04/27/2010 🚩

    OMG!  THEY DIED????  *sniff*

    On the other hand, what a way to go!!!!!  Tight, hot, scream worthy sex with one sexy ass man!  I can think of much worse ways to die I'll tell you that, and not many better ones!!!  (Yeah, I'm horny...O.O)

    I loved it Kuz.  You did a great job...but I don't envy you the HTML probs I am sure you had with it, LOL!  Definitely a fave and one that I will be reading repeatedly...for the literary merit of course...cough.

    Author's Response: I know. Not very nice of me. But it just somehow turned that way. :( But don't worry, Benji will live in another story. :) (poor kaci on the other hand...) Now, what to do about your "needs".... *snaps fingers, servant scurries over. Places mysterious orders and the servant runs away already busy on the phone. Turns to you with a dirty smirk.* Your welcome, hun. Don't forget to let me know if he was any good ;) lol Aside with the jokes, I'm happy you liked it.:) The longer I wasn't able to post it, the more insecure I became about it, so it's really great to see the positive feedback from everyone. :) As for the html problems.... aaaargh, let's just forget them 'kay? >:( I won't ever try formatting it again. Lesson learnt. Anyways, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) And unfortunately with this posted I have nothing left on my computer that's finished, or a least halfway trough so I could post it. So here's the deal: you (and anyone who happens to read this) can choose between 2 alternatives: a Joel story that I've mentioned to you the other day or a 13 chapters long story with both twins. Which one should I get into next? I have for all of them about 1/3rd in length written so far.
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 04/27/2010 🚩

    OH YAY!  I can't WAIT to read this!  I am getting ready to right after I finish a couple things up!!!!  It feels soooo good to see you post!!!!!!!

    Author's Response: it felt sooooo goood to finally have figured out why the hell wasn't this one going up for so long.... :D
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 04/27/2010 🚩
    Damn me, I cant type correctly. Let me put it easier for me with slower typing. This was a great story, well concepted, unexpected ending, wished it could have gone on but would read it again. Good job.

    Sorry, my keys are sticking like crazy, hope my previous review didnt confuse you too much. This was really good.

    Author's Response: I didn't even see there were typos! :) I guess I'm too tired to see (it's 2:56 am!! O.O) Again, thank you:)
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 04/27/2010 🚩
    Brilliant! Genius! Never would have thought someone would've written a story about Tweets from Twitter. The idea was well concepted and I enjoyed it very much.
    The summary did a good job of pulling me in because I didnt know what to expect and I love that factor and I really enjoyed... what can I say? I sooo look forwar to reading more but this was great!

    Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so glad you liked it. It took me ages to post it because apparently GCFF is not too smitten with HTML codes other than i and b and I wanted the format to be very accurate. Oh well. I really tried not to give away anything in the summary, I think the end is more shocking this way and that's exactly what I wanted :D Anyway, I'm really happy you liked this and thank you so much for reviewing!! hugs