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  • Reviewed by: Guiltonskin on 10/11/2010 🚩

    omg, that is a good twist! I can't believe they are going back to Earth.:D Great update! I can't wait for the next one, hehe.

    Author's Response: Thank you. I figured going back to Earth would take the story in an entirely new direction. Thanks girl, I'll update as soon as I can!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 10/07/2010 🚩
    omg! They are here!? Where!? :D

    Author's Response: Everywhere Ninfa! They are... everywhere! Lol. Thanks for the review! :)
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 09/08/2010 🚩
    ok it was nice to know more about them. Great chapter! Cnt wait 4 more =)

    Author's Response: Thank you. I know this chapter wasn't the best but it let us know more about Benji. I promise there's more to come.
  • Reviewed by: Guiltonskin on 09/08/2010 🚩

    :) LOVE IT! Haha, Benji is such a's great. I hope Veronica comes in and shows her emotions towards Benji ;)

    Great Job! & like always I can't wait for the next chapter!

    Author's Response: Aww thank you. I'll try to update within the next few days ;)
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 08/26/2010 🚩
    it was fun! Love the hate between them lol
    They just love each other so much hahaha
    Cant wait to

    Author's Response: It can be a love/love or a hate/hate relationship. Scratch that, its purely hate/hate. Lol. Thanks Ninfa, check back soon!
  • Reviewed by: Guiltonskin on 08/26/2010 🚩

    Need more of this sooon! lol. I love this one! Can't wait to see what happens with them and to find out about Jeremiah! :)

    Author's Response: Ah yes... everything will unfold shortly, isnt that what you told me? Lol... thanks for the review. Check soon..
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 08/25/2010 🚩
    yes they were easy 2 undrstand. I love this story! I love to imagine all. Please update soon =)

    Author's Response: Thank you, I tried really hard to make it easy to understand and not complicated. Thanks for your review Ninfa, I appreciate it. Check back soon, I'm working on the next chapter! :)
  • Reviewed by: Guiltonskin on 08/24/2010 🚩

    I think I mentioned that I adore this story but I'm going to tell you again haha. I love it!!! Keep em comin' I can't wait to see what happens next :) and she better not die in three days! haha. And she needs to just have the hots for Benji already...the attraction is there...I can sense it!

    Author's Response: Yeah I bet you can sense it, but enough of pretending your Fiona already! Lol... there is something there but you'll just have to wait and see... Im not giving any spoilers! Lol... thanks for reviewing though and I'm working on the next chapter RRIGHT NOW! Lol... Hopefully it wont take another five days to put it up though! Check back soon!
  • Reviewed by: Ludacris on 08/24/2010 🚩

    I seriously want Benji and her to hook up! PLEASE! lol. I love their hate. It's amazing. & you're great with making up names for things, lol. Very unique.

    Anyway, LOVE IT! Now go update!!! lol.

    Author's Response: I've gotten quite a number of requests for Fiona and Benji, Im still debating on it but thanks. I'm actually working on updating right now so.. give me about two or three days, lol. Check back soon! :)
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 08/24/2010 🚩
    aww, poor Fiona. A bit harsh punishment for a little mistakd that she fixed too after all. :( I doubt they will let her die, but im curious about whats going to happen to her. You are doing a great job with this one. Its not an easy genre, so i love whem good stories pop up:)

    Author's Response: Thank you so much... it can be difficult but I am trying hard on it. You'll jst have to check back and see what'll happen! ;)
  • Reviewed by: Guiltonskin on 08/15/2010 🚩

    Amazing!!! I love the whole idea! I've always been big on scifi stuff so this was great for me to stummble across :D I loved the whole City of Bones books, Idk if you've read them but they're great and this kinda reminds me of that...Well except way different in someways lol..

    & I love how Benji's just an ass, haha. It's cute. & Paul being the 'brains''s just perfect.

    I can't wait for the next chapter! Updateee!!!! lol.

    Author's Response: I see the arrangement we have here. I comment on your stories and you comment on mine, I like it. LOL. Thank you. This story is a completely different turn for me compared to my other stories. It's fun though because I have a big area to use when it comes to making a whole bunch of crap up. The hard thing is being careful not to contradict or use the same things over again. I made Benji like that because I thought people would enjoy seeing him as a sarcastic ass and it fits him well. And I needed Paul to be the smart one since it was believable. Lol. More to come, dont worry and I'm going to read "The Webs We Weave" right now since I saw you updated! :)
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 08/14/2010 🚩
    fun spiderman quote. Made it good =) cant wait to see what paul is going to find.

    Author's Response: Lol, thanks. I wondered if it sounded too cheeky but I really wanted to illustrate sort of what the situation was. As for Paul... I wont know yet until my fingers touch the keypad and start spelling... Thanks for the review!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 07/09/2010 🚩
    lmao! First day n shes in trouble! Cant wait 4 more

    Author's Response: Haha I know right? But how could she resist using her newfound power? Thank you, i'll be writing more so soon.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 07/09/2010 🚩
    This is exiting! It's so cool that you have this kind of talent, I don't think I can manage a fantasy story like this, but enjoy reading them a lot and yours is so great so far. Love it :)

    Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much. It's not too difficult- yet. The thing with this type of story is that Im able to make up as much as I please but to our knowledge, things like this dont exist. So im allowed alot me leeway in writing this. Thank you though and i'll see to getting the next chapter up.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 07/09/2010 🚩
    Wow. It's out of this world, no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little :P But it's truly very good. :)

    Author's Response: Thank you.... haha, i like the pun. Im actually going to start fixing the format on the other two chapters. I hate that its all bunched up. I've been doing it to the other stories I have too. Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 07/09/2010 🚩
    Hey! I haven't started reading yet, but please take out that line of the summary that it's a sucky summary. It is most definitely not. Moreover, it's one of the bests. I love it already!

    Author's Response: Oh, thank you. Do I really have it on there that it's a sucky summary? Haha... will do. Thanks for letting me know. I better do it quick before you take out the gavel!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 03/16/2010 🚩
    love it love it love it! Please update soon =D

    Author's Response: Thank you sooo much. I will get to it in a jiffy.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 03/13/2010 🚩
    awesome! I love sci-fi =D please update soon

    Author's Response: Wow... thank you. I plan on updating this very soon so I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 03/13/2010 🚩

    I feel your pain on the word doc thing.  I don't like uploading on here so I have to cut/paste twice to get it close to its original form :S  I also wish we could still designate things like 'Benji/Joel' and such.  For new authors, it seems that is disabled :(

    Thanks for listening to my const crit.  I like knowing what the readers truly think as well.  Compliments are great and we all like them, but I treasure Kuszi's reviews all the more because she holds my feet to the fire.  Iron sharpens iron and only another diamond can shape a diamond.  Glad to have helped.

    That said, I really am looking forward to your story.  So refreshing to find one like this and with my favorite guys too (rawr!).  Very cool :D

    Author's Response: Lol... I understand completely what you mean. Its a pain. I had been wanting to update thid and all my other stories as well, but I feel out of place I guess. I write a story and get to a point where I draw a blank and I had been contemplating whether or not to write this because I had a dream although it was random people and my family, Haha, but then I finally wrote it and so I do like the final product.
  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 03/13/2010 🚩

    Okay, first, long before I discovered GC and fanfiction, I was/am first and foremost a fantasy/sci-fi writer.  I didn't get my GC fascination until recently, lol.  I needed to explain that so that what I say, you will know I am not shooting from the hip or BS-ing you ;)

    This is a kickass concept!  I really like the thought you have put into to Prytus and it's dimensional structure.  Already there are undertones to these 'long-lasting' guards that speak of a much deeper layer to your plot (ie Theodore).  You've raised the classic questions of how, what, and why for Fiona.  As a reader, I felt as flustered as she obviously did, so great job in transmitting her vulnerabilty to the reader.

    There are a couple of things I would tweak, as well.  First, line spacing to make it easier to follow and read.  That is cosmetic I know but it would help in distinguishing the dialouge and make it seemingly flow smoother.  Second, I had a hard time picturing Fiona.  Did I miss her description or was that withheld on purpose?  I realize she is transforming at the end of the chapter but it left me feeling a bit lost not knowing what she looked like before and after she died.  If the descript is in there, forgive me for overlooking it cause I'm reading this early/late, lol!

    All in all, I'd say keep going because you have my interest and don't be discouraged at lack of reads or responses.  My favorite stories I have written on here, Hallowed Holiday Series, are the least read and reviewed of all my stuff.  They are a labor of love as I feel this story probably is for you.  I'll be your cheering section!  Update soon :D

    Author's Response: Wow, thanks for your review. I suppose I should edit my story. I have a hard time because I dont have the right"word doc" or something so I have to copy and paste, but I swear it looks alot better if I could update it that way. Second of all, yeah, I was planning on describing Fiona a little better in the next chapter but it will follow the other characters meeting her and their prespectives of her. Otherwise, Im glad you enjoyed it and I am planning on writing more to this story. Eventually the story itself will gather readers so Im not too worried about it. But thanks for telling me what I need to work on. Mostly people say, "I like your story or something" but it helps to know what the readers want or like, so thank you! Check back soon. Priscilla