Reviews For The Rock Show

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  • Reviewed by: prince_george on 01/27/2010 🚩
    You really do. I'll be waiting for it now =P
  • Reviewed by: prince_george on 07/10/2009 🚩
    “I like that,” he smiled.


    Author's Response: =) I love this. I HAVE to finish it.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 07/03/2009 🚩
    oh you have to keep writting in this one please! :D
  • Reviewed by: KirstiKorpse on 06/30/2009 🚩
    cuuute, cant wait too read more.
  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 06/29/2009 🚩
    It was cute. Not my favorite, but cute. :)

    Author's Response: bitch, what the hell? I am supposed to be your favorite author all the time and everything I write is supposed to be your favorite! if you think you're going to Warped Tour with me then you are wrong!! ...even though you're not going with me anyway... =) ily. (so no one gets freaked out, this girl and I chill. so I'm not just yelling at a stranger)