Reviews For Anguish

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  • Reviewed by: kortrhill on 09/09/2013 🚩
    I don't know why I've never come across this story, but I like it so far! Good job, love!

    Author's Response: Thank you. It's been nearly a year since i've updated it. Hopefully i'll get back at it. Thanks again.
  • Reviewed by: RavenSaves on 09/12/2010 🚩
    That was SEXY!

    Author's Response: Haha, thank you. I was kind of hoping for that. Check back soon, thanks!
  • Reviewed by: jessica05 on 07/07/2010 🚩
    Just started reading this ... its A GREAT STORY!!

    Update soon!!!

    just added it to my faves!

    Author's Response: Aww thank you. Im really happy you added it to your faves. I wont disappoint. I'll be writing the next chapter in about another day or so. I should be up some time next week. Thanks you Priscilla, the author :)
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 07/06/2010 🚩
    omg! I hape that shannon bitch! Cant wait 4 more =)

    Author's Response: I know I hate her too! Lets get together and take her out! :P..... Anyway, since we probably cant do that, just come back and read the next chapter so you hate her some more. Thank you for the review Ninfa... means alot to me!
  • Reviewed by: GCsMESTupkid05 on 07/05/2010 🚩
    update soon it was awesome!

    Author's Response: aww thanks. Will do :)
  • Reviewed by: SaraIvy on 07/05/2010 🚩

    AWWW you better update soon. I think Molly needs to punch Shannon in the nose and stand up for herself. Just some advice.

    Author's Response: Haha, wouldnt that be interesting? I am going to try to update soon but with three other stories that are active... its pretty tough trying to get to them. I promise though that I will try to update! Thanks for reading :)
  • Reviewed by: _twilight on 06/21/2010 🚩
    This chapter was cute, I smiled through the whole thing! =]

    Author's Response: Aww, thank you. Im working on the next chapter so it should be up in the next week.
  • Reviewed by: xNatsx on 06/04/2010 🚩
    I really hope Benji doesn't have anymore doubts about Molly. They deserve each other. I really dislike Shannon, she needs to grow up. I love this story

    Author's Response: I really dislike Shannon too, but every story needs a villian. Thank you very much, I appreciate the review and I hope the next chapter makes you love this story even more!
  • Reviewed by: SaraIvy on 05/11/2010 🚩

    OH THE CLIFF! Don't leave me hanging girl! I wanna hear this conversation/blow up!

    Author's Response: Haha.... I'll try to get the next chapter up soon. I couldnt continuue the chapter without it being a million words long, so I had to cut it. But I promise to get that chapter up as soon as I can!
  • Reviewed by: benjisgirl06 on 05/11/2010 🚩
    I liked it! Can't wait to see what happens between Benji and Shannon!

    Author's Response: Thank you, I will work on the next chapter very soon.
  • Reviewed by: GCsMESTupkid05 on 05/11/2010 🚩
    i love it!!!!!!!!!! must update ASAP! or else i will die!

    Author's Response: Lol, Well I hope you dont die, I need you to read the rest of my story!! Thank you though and I will get to the next chapter right away.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 05/11/2010 🚩
    i loved how u related dean and aaron! That part was really fun to read =) and yay for benji! He finally asked d million question! I loved this story, i cant wait 4 more!

    Author's Response: Thank you, it was really fun to relate them and yes, Molly and Benji are finally together. Lets hope it lasts!
  • Reviewed by: SaraIvy on 05/05/2010 🚩

    ohh no, the drama that is coming is going to be intense, i can feel it. Good, but short chapter. Looking forward to the next.

    Author's Response: Yeah it was a hort chapter, sorry. I honestly couldnt think of anything to add to this without making it boring.. and without rushing too. So, the next chapter def. will be about their day back to school and Benji's attitude.
  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 05/05/2010 🚩

    Great Job! I like this  story so far I favorited your story. :)

    Author's Response: Aww... thank you. Means so much Leah and I promise to step up this story a notch every chapter! Thanks.
  • Reviewed by: GCsMESTupkid05 on 05/05/2010 🚩
    benji better not break her heart! i loved the chapter though it was very good!

    Author's Response: Thank you and I hope he doesnt either, although something tells me "someone" is in the works... Thanks for the R&R!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 05/05/2010 🚩
    okie dokie! Heres my review just cuz i like ur story so much! =P cant wait 4 more

    Author's Response: Very good review. Short, sweet and straight to the Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: SaraIvy on 05/03/2010 🚩

    I can't wait for the next awkward breakfast! enjoyed it immensely!

    Author's Response: Aw thank you. Means so much to me... I'll get to work on it. Im about halfway through with chaper 12 but I am going to do some tweaks here and there with it... not what I was hoping with it. Check back soon though!
  • Reviewed by: GCsMESTupkid05 on 05/03/2010 🚩
    no they need to staty together that is not cool!!! you cant split them up they had sex!!! now you have to update like now cuz im anbxious to see what happens!!!

    Author's Response: Well, to clairfy htings without spoilers, they aren't going to "split" up, but remember Benji is very confused about his feelings toward Molly so a "certain" soeone is going to use those doubts against him... no worries. I'll update so you can see, but i'm sure you'll be anxious until the last and final chapter which hopefully is not soon. Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: GCsMESTupkid05 on 05/03/2010 🚩
    i like it!! so glad they are finally together!

    Author's Response: Yeah its a good thing they are together. Too bad it wont be for long... *whistles and walks away*
  • Reviewed by: TeffahLovee on 05/03/2010 🚩
    keep writing, this is amazing! you're like the BEST author here. keep it up!

    Author's Response: Wow.... thank you. That is such a bold statement, false, but enjoyable none the less. Thank you soo much. I'll get working on the next chapter, thank you!