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  • Reviewed by: xxtrinababyy on 10/02/2011 🚩
    awhh i love this lol im kind of sad it ended so quicklyyy.

    Author's Response:

    yeah, it was intended as a short little thing. If a sequel ever saw the light, it would purely be for the entertainment. And by entertainment I mean hot Deano sex, of course. Or shameless Benji bashing. Your choice ;)

  • Reviewed by: Darkersecrets on 07/10/2011 🚩

    Hahaha Loved it! Awesome writer :)

    Author's Response:

    LOL, thanks. 3 times ;)

  • Reviewed by: Smiley_Screamer on 02/23/2009 🚩
    oh.. I've thought that he's twenty seven genius..... ahhh.. He's sooo old.. So why is not he married? And he looks just like twins and Paul and Billy. Wow... it's strange. Really. I was blind. I didn't know. That's sooo strange... Wow... I'm repeating.. Okay, I'll go to do chemistry homework and I'll try to get over this shock ... oh oh oh oh oh

    Author's Response: Really? :D Yeah, he looks a lot younger than his age but not THAT much younger :P Chemistry, huh? Fun... :)
  • Reviewed by: Smiley_Screamer on 02/23/2009 🚩
    hey! dean is not fourty-something, right? funny story anyways...

    Author's Response: Umm... I think he is. I think he's 42? 43? Somewhere around that. I think I've read that somewhere. Plus the twins said in an interview that he was almost twice their age and if you look at the list of where he has been playing in the past, it's pretty hard to accomplish that in a, say 10-15 years. I think he is around 40.
  • Reviewed by: sex_n_candy5635 on 02/22/2009 🚩
    That was cute. Hot, but cute. Lol. I had a feeling it was Dean. Nice job.

    Author's Response: Thanks :D
  • Reviewed by: CassandraxMorbid on 02/22/2009 🚩
    Deano is a cutie. I wouldn't have guessed him. I keep forgetting he's in the band now. lol. He does look pretty hot for his age though ;)

    Author's Response: How can you forget that? LOL Just look at the picture on the top. FIVE guys. See ? :D Anyways, yeah, he does. :) And he's cute!!!! Right??? With all his exclamation points!!!! :D
  • Reviewed by: GutterFace on 02/22/2009 🚩
    I should have known it was Dean. I recall you saying he was very sexy! And he was super sexy in this story. I loved it. I was hoping for more sex but it was perfect the way it was. You should do more stories like this. I'm addicted!

    Author's Response: Yeah, I was sure I've mentioned him for you at some point, maybe I've even told you about this idea, I don't know. You were hoping for more s**? Is it still NFL season? Or whatever sport your man is watching all the time? Poor baby :( But thank you so much. It was fun to write. Thing is, I don't really have any new idea yet. Good news is that slowly but steadily I'm going on with my other story too. 2/3rd of the new chapter is done :) Hugs!!
  • Reviewed by: gcsweetie87 on 02/22/2009 🚩

    Author's Response: Maybe? Maybe not? ;) Thank you for taking part! Hugs
  • Reviewed by: CardieVanBangBoom on 02/22/2009 🚩
    I'm thinking its not Benji because he's the guy who went off with the two chicks, so I'm saying Joel! I bet I'm totally wrong and it's like Paul? LOL! I'm sorry, but I could never find Paul so hot! Please reveal! xox

    Author's Response: OMG this is fun. You'll see in the 2nd part. :P
  • Reviewed by: CardieVanBangBoom on 02/22/2009 🚩
    Whoever he is he is fucking hot!!! You're so kinkaaaaay! I havent read anything this hot in forever! It was amazing.
    Please reveal who the sexy man is :)
    Post the second half pweaaase :D xox

    Author's Response: There was nothing kinky in it, what are you talking about? Not by my book, that is :P Second half is posted and I'm quite impressed, an hour hasn't even passed since I uploaded it! o_O WOW. Validators, you go! :)
  • Reviewed by: Smiley_Screamer on 02/22/2009 🚩
    I know the answer? I have some guesses but I'm not too sure in them. But, it's okay. I won't play, I'll watch everyone playing, ha-ha... And watch this hot couple in their sex adventures xDD))
    Can't wait for the second part!

    Author's Response: Yeah, well we've already discussed it in email. Thank you:) I'm surprised though no one had a guess so far. I should wait with the second half until someone finds out... okay, I won't. A good laugh is way better than a game :)
  • Reviewed by: CassandraxMorbid on 02/21/2009 🚩
    Loved it :) Excited for the secomd half now ^_^

    Author's Response: Thank you. Soon, young padawan, soon. :P Thank you all, you are all so amazing reviewers :)
  • Reviewed by: GutterFace on 02/21/2009 🚩
    I have no idea who the guy is but that was fucking hot! I loved it! You should do more dirty sex in the future. And in the second half of this. I almost don't care if he kidnaps her and murders her as long as there is more hot sex! You are amazing! Can't wait for the conclusion.

    Author's Response: Really? I thought everyone is going know who he was right away! I mean I haven't left too many options :D I won't spoil anything from the second half but I'll upload it today, ok? You'll see. I had so much fun writing it :D