Reviews For Jealousy

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  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 03/02/2009 🚩
    Poor lil billy...he should be happy =(
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 03/02/2009 🚩
    WOW!! 3 updates in one day!!! love you!!! oh my g. What is happening?? I love that Joel is babying billy, but his reason for having to comfort him is way too sad.D: I can understand Billy though. You come into a relationship with 2 people who have known each other there who lives and even though they tell you it's the same it still feels like there's something that they have that you dont. and it could just be that Billy wants Benji and wants Joel but separate, if that makes any sense. But i guess i'm just confusing myself so i'll just follow the story and hopefully things start getting much more clear on everyones feelings towards the whole situation cuz you know this is a very complicated one. Loved this one and can't wait for the next. ♥ =D

    Author's Response: I really like this story. it's different than anything I've ever done and I'm just trying to get all the emotions right. I'm a really jealous persona nd if I was in Billy's situation I'd freak out. I think his character is doing a pretty good job of holding it together, but he's a little...messed up right now obviously. I'm really glad you like this story and I'm working on the next update soon. I think you'll like it! ♥
  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 02/28/2009 🚩
    His tummy was hurting, eh? :) hehehe

    Author's Response:

    hey, kassidy, screw you whore!!!!!! =P  are you at your aunt's place?

  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/28/2009 🚩
    U gtt kp ths gn...4 lk it
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 02/28/2009 🚩
    No, I loved it it!! Was so happy when i seen it updated. I knew that was so going to happen. Poor Billy. Something always has to make him sad :( Hopefully nothing to awful will happen after this, but i'm kinda scared for Benji. Next thing you he'll be throwing up blood and on his death bed. man, i really hope things start to get better. On the good side, i really like how Joel is being with Billy now. It's really sweet.He's all protective of him and all. You would think Benji would be the one that wanted to pound chris but instead he's the peacemaker kinda funny, but cute. well, very lovely update. still waiting for that REALLY happy ending. =D ♥

    Author's Response:

    I'm sorry to tell you, but this is not the one with the overly happy ending. this is, however, not going to be one of the worst's just sort of bittersweet. but I'm really glad you don't hate me for this chapter, I was sure you would. =P  ♥  I promise more very soon.

  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/10/2009 🚩
    y billy likes benji more??
    i dont get it xD

    Author's Response: it's not that he LIKES him more, it's just that Joel's so jealous that it sort of...clouds the relationship. but I assure you, everyone loves each other the same.
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 02/10/2009 🚩
    OMG!!!!!! That was a great opener for this chapter, whoo! I might sound really nasty, but I've seen that played out before and I think you portrayed it perfectly. ( it really wasn't my idea!) I really did like how you wrote it though. although it was short it wasn't rushed. It sounded like they'd been at it for awhile. =D I think you almost made up for that very sad ending. I really did love this chapter. Although Joel got a little jealous I loved that it was resolved by him. They are just so cute together, I almost don't want to see the drama. Uh oh, wheres CHRIS?? I think i have an idea! I can't to see what you actually have planned for the next chapter. ♥

    Author's Response: you'll be mad at me when I post the next chapter! =[ I'm sadistic....but it'll work out...sort of. I promise to make everything up to you!! I'm glad you liked the opener, I knew some people would get frustrated if hot boy s** didn't soon ensue. and it was supposed to come in near the ending, I'm glad you caught that. ♥ thank you, as always, for the AMAZING reviews.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/07/2009 🚩
    u have to keep this story up :)
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 02/06/2009 🚩
    OMG...not sweet st. pauly?!!? Love this and man they are so cute together!! oh man, do they get found out?!?! I was watching this thing on bbc where there are these couples who are brothers and sisters and they were in a relationship. I think they had like the same dad but different moms and they finally met, so ya. Just reminded me of it. If you have bbc you should watch there bbc america reveals there is some freaky stuff on that. Lol, anyways, really can't wait for the next update!! ♥

    Author's Response: lol, yeah. Paul's douchy. and you will never know if they get found out, might know. when I finish the story and you read it and all...there is apparently a flaw in my devious master plan...=[ glad you like it!! ♥
  • Reviewed by: ST_JK_CREW on 02/06/2009 🚩
    I love this story :]

    Author's Response: =] I'm glad ♥
  • Reviewed by: KirstiKorpse on 02/05/2009 🚩
    this is really good,

    Author's Response: aww, thanks
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/05/2009 🚩
    i love this story
    as unusual as it is :)

    Author's Response: unusual...yup, that sounds like me =]
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 02/05/2009 🚩
    Oohhh...I like this one...I really wanna see this continued...great first start with this one and I'm actually looking forward to the drama if it means a great threeome makeup!!! J/K I really am looking forward to the drama though. As much as I like love stories I do love the drama.:D ♥

    Author's Response: lol. well, I promise both threesome sexy happiness and lots and lots and LOTS of drama. I apologize beforehand, though, for the next chapter. it sucks, but it's a little foreshadowing, so....anyway, yes. dram. =] ♥
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/04/2009 🚩
    keep this one going

    Author's Response: =]