Reviews For Transgressions Between Twins

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  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 01/26/2009 🚩
    as long as he doesn't commit cold-blooded murder, i'm pretty much down with anything. :) carry on with your awesomeness

    Author's Response: that was actually an option....damn. =] thank you, and I plan on it!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 01/22/2009 🚩
    leep this going! please
    i dnt wnt to miss it
  • Reviewed by: LovExThiSxWay on 01/22/2009 🚩
    That was really messed up, but good and I think he should...beat the hecks outta Billy and Benji and Joel should leave him. Not sure if your one for twincest, but that could always work or just leave him feeling miserable that he lost 2 sexy men. Or Joel could proposition them into a threesome...maybe?? I really don't want to see Joel go psycho and kill them because even if Billy's being in a-hole he shouldn't be killed, he's too sexy, but if thats what you decide to do then it's still all good!! Well, I hope those weren't really horrible ideas. Anyways, i'd love to see what you decide to do. ♥

    Author's Response: I thought about all your ideas, I promise. I'm more one for angst than s** (odd as it is since I like to read more s** than angst) so I think it's going to go somewhere in that direction...I'm still open for ideas!