Reviews For No Such Thing As Monsters

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  • Reviewed by: Canadian_Kid_11 on 01/14/2010 🚩

    this was depressing but good story

    Author's Response: =) thanks doll.
  • Reviewed by: jennieambrose on 01/02/2010 🚩
    Fantastic story.

    Author's Response: thank you!
  • Reviewed by: KirstiKorpse on 01/22/2009 🚩
    -bows down-
    i love this, and i dont mean love as in 'read it once and never read it again' i mean love as in 'print this out and marry it'
    O__O okay, thats a tad creepy.
    but anyway, well done.
    your a brillent writter and im a horrible reviewer. shutting up now :]

    Author's Response: can i keep you? seriously, I just want to reach through my screen and tuck you under my bed for when I need motivation! I love you so hardcore, and you are tied with the top reviewer who has ever reviewed!!! thank you mucho!
  • Reviewed by: Kaylee on 01/19/2009 🚩
    This was such a great story!

    Good job!


    Author's Response: thank you! and I applaud you for the way you make your smilies. i've never met anyone else who does it like I do...except for, you know, Billy Martin on his blog....=D
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 01/12/2009 🚩
    grat story
    i like it

    Author's Response: thank you
  • Reviewed by: punklovesgc on 01/11/2009 🚩
    great chapters!! Cant wait until the next!!

    Author's Response: thanks. I think I'm going to leave it as is....unless I get bored. which is a distinct possibility. =P
  • Reviewed by: punklovesgc on 01/08/2009 🚩
    great story

    Author's Response: thank you!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 01/08/2009 🚩
    keep this one goin .
    is real good!:)

    Author's Response: yes'm
  • Reviewed by: punklovesgc on 01/07/2009 🚩
    Great loving it!! Josh will find them right?

    Author's Response: of course!