Reviews For Fickle Faeries

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  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 06/29/2009 🚩
    So wow, usually I'm not into this kinda thing but it's so so cute and I love how caring Tony is. Post soon!

    Author's Response: thank you! this is really encouraging, because I haven't posted in months, but I will knowing that someone is reading. =) I'm glad you like this story
  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 03/21/2009 🚩
    You should finish this one!!!!!

    Author's Response: I'm getting there!
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 02/28/2009 🚩
    hahah, sweaty man sex :-P good chapter, can't wait to read more

    Author's Response: yay mansex!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/28/2009 🚩
    Yup...gttng bttr :)
  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 02/21/2009 🚩
    You told me you would update this on Tuesday... still no chapter 10... :(

    Author's Response: I know...I'm sorry....I'm lazy....and life sucks. =D
  • Reviewed by: gcfan77 on 02/12/2009 🚩
    Awwww!!!!! That's so cute!!! I love it!!! I'd ask if I could keep them, but that's kinda your thing. Anyways, something terrible is about to happen isn't it? :( Happy endings are somewhat rare in your stories... Ohhh! *cowers in fear! Please don't kill anyone!

    Author's Response: shut up kassidy!!
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 02/11/2009 🚩
    awww, short but very sweet :D can't wait to read more xx

    Author's Response: thanks! ♥
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/10/2009 🚩
    beautifull :)

    Author's Response: aww, thank you
  • Reviewed by: prince_george on 02/08/2009 🚩
    I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrved this:

    '“He said he wants to leave,” taunted Tony. “Better take him home so he doesn’t get someone else to.”'


    Author's Response: lol, I'm glad. thanks bunches for reviewing! ♥ =P
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/04/2009 🚩
    i love youre storys

    Author's Response: aww, thank you! ♥
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 02/02/2009 🚩
    aww its sad but its sweet all at the same time...good chapter and loving the speedy updates its brill! :D

    Author's Response: thank you, I try to put something up every day...doesn't always work out like that, but I try. I'm glad you liked it =] ♥
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/01/2009 🚩
    keep this going
    i love it

    Author's Response: aww, I'm glad. ♥
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 02/01/2009 🚩
    great chapter :D can't wait to read more. i love what benji says at the end....i usually say something like that about guys all the time lol! only mine is "i'm going gay"

    Author's Response: yeah, I thought it was pretty funny. thanks. ♥
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 02/01/2009 🚩
    Is a great story. I like it. Please update soon

    Author's Response: yes'm. glad your liking. =] ♥
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 01/28/2009 🚩
    keep this goin
    is strting to gt fun xD
    but whts gn to hppn w d twns ?? xD

    Author's Response: bad things, I'm almost sure of it.
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 01/27/2009 🚩
    Very Great.. good.. and exciting.

    Author's Response: thank you =D ♥
  • Reviewed by: KirstiKorpse on 01/22/2009 🚩
    naaaw, how cute.
    poor billy.
    makes me want to hug him.

    Author's Response: is there every a time when you don't? but if I ever got close enough to Billy effing Martin to hug him...I'd be doing other things. =]
  • Reviewed by: FallenApart on 01/20/2009 🚩
    so good. please add moree.

    Author's Response: I need to. I lack motivation and attention span though. i'll try my best.
  • Reviewed by: JustWannaBeLoved on 01/06/2009 🚩
    That was really good. I really enjoyed it!
    Props to you!

    Author's Response: thank you!!!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 01/06/2009 🚩
    tony haves to satay w billy xD
    let benji fck joel n like tht everyone is happy :) :P
    i like it keep this going

    Author's Response: lol. that certainly is one option, isn't it?