Reviews For Joel's Epic Senior Year

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  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 03/06/2014 🚩
    Man just my luck that the last chapter wasn't put up lol
  • Reviewed by: gothic_chick282 on 12/24/2009 🚩
    moore i gotta know what happened!!! gosh!!

    Author's Response: the story is on MY computer. My computer is held hostage at iluvmybenji's house so tell her to give it to me!!!
  • Reviewed by: beckylovesjoel on 12/05/2009 🚩
    I love this story! Update soon? Pwease? =)
  • Reviewed by: Annora on 03/08/2009 🚩
  • Reviewed by: bleeding_heart_87 on 10/17/2008 🚩
    Oh boy do I miss this lovely thing. It's not even updated on Maddens! It's okay, I will wait =)

    Author's Response: i know. im sorry hun, i suck at life sometimes. I keep trying to get on top of things, but honestly, with how s*** goes in my life, writing, no matter how much I love it, often gets pushed to the back burner. I'll definitely update to maddens SOMETHING for this soon, even if it ends up being really short. thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: Rancid on 08/17/2008 🚩
    I saw this on livejournal. Please write more. This is my favourite fic.
    Joel? go and pull benji's head out his ass
  • Reviewed by: gothic_chick282 on 08/06/2008 🚩
    This is awesome but fuck would that hurt your penis!! anyways cant wait for an update!!
  • Reviewed by: DanceWithYou on 08/05/2008 🚩
    i love it!
    i really do!
    i swear i haven't been this hooked on a story in a long time.
    i just read all 5 chapters, i couldn't bear to leave it half way through.
    you gotta update soon!
    can't wait for it!
  • Reviewed by: prince_george on 08/05/2008 🚩
    I am so happy that I finally know what is going on with that day.
    I love this.
    I was so happy to see an update.
  • Reviewed by: chrisrey on 08/04/2008 🚩
    Excellent reading. Can not wait for more.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 08/04/2008 🚩
    keep going with it!

  • Reviewed by: GCgurl19 on 07/30/2008 🚩
    i love this story but when r they going to go all the way?
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 07/30/2008 🚩
    great sotry
    plz go on w it?

    i love it
  • Reviewed by: chrisrey on 07/29/2008 🚩
    Hey at least he still saved him. Besides if he had done anything before hand wouldn't they have found another to hurt Joel without Benji knowing.
  • Reviewed by: chrisrey on 07/29/2008 🚩
    Awwwwwwwwww. “For only going out for what? 2 days? I feel like I’d already do anything for you Joel…” I love it. Can not wait to read more.
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 07/28/2008 🚩
    its a great story
    plz continue
  • Reviewed by: GCgurl19 on 07/28/2008 🚩
    this is a good story i will be following this story
  • Reviewed by: GCgurl19 on 07/21/2008 🚩
    good story i am waiting for more, it would be hot if they did more
  • Reviewed by: Girl_in_a_mess on 07/01/2008 🚩
    I love how this story starts
  • Reviewed by: prince_george on 07/01/2008 🚩
    That was so cute and zomg, I loved it.
    Keep up the good work!