Reviews For Rings Come Off

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  • Reviewed by: breebree on 07/02/2010 🚩

    Ha, Benji, purity ring....


    That was interesting and very hott. Haha.

  • Reviewed by: Annora on 03/01/2009 🚩
  • Reviewed by: GCFreak on 07/03/2008 🚩
    Very smexy!!!!

    Author's Response: hehe, thank you! xx
  • Reviewed by: ViciousAngel on 04/29/2008 🚩
    Twas amazing! Amazink i say! * does dodgy German accent* Sank coo!
    Its so great that.... I've been a whirl! ..

    Author's Response: Hehe! It's nize to know you liked it my little pumpernick! xxx
  • Reviewed by: slinkyandahalf on 04/26/2008 🚩
    ahh - maaa - zingggg i loved it very cute/ sexy

    Author's Response: Thank you! It's cool to know people like it =]
  • Reviewed by: MellowPac on 04/26/2008 🚩
    Haha, what was the point in wearing the ring? Silly Benji.

    This was hot, though.
    I liked it.

    Author's Response: Thanks, i'm really glad you liked it ^.^