Reviews For The Second Round is Always Better

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  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 12/12/2009 🚩

    Let Britney Spears be your muse to help you through the writer's block:

    "If you don't like the company/ Let's just do it you and me/ You and me/ Or three/ Or four/ On the floor!"

    Cheesy, I know, but the song has merit, lol!  (For the record, 'me' is not a Brit-Brit fan...just thought the song fits your story's charcters :D)

  • Reviewed by: Legna_angeL on 12/10/2009 🚩

    THIRD PART please???  :D

    Author's Response: In the works :) Just a bit of writers block, but working on it :)
  • Reviewed by: Girl_in_a_mess on 08/20/2007 🚩
    Love it Love it Love it

    Author's Response: Hehehe, I do try to please >:)
  • Reviewed by: punxkid on 08/20/2007 🚩

    Pure greatness!

    Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm trying to work on a third part so stay tuned