Reviews For Vampires Do Exist

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  • Reviewed by: lost_and_broken on 10/03/2009 🚩
    this is really sexual. its just really nice. maybe we could meet up via webcam and discuss its possible endings?
  • Reviewed by: xlunacyxfringex on 05/18/2009 🚩
    it's really good =] it has good suspence
  • Reviewed by: uCANTchangeME on 08/06/2007 🚩
    Haha, Im readin' it again. Then I noticed that I DIDN'T EVEN REVIEW THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, Im sooo sorry. but Imma make it up to ya....I promise =]

    You know i think imma read the others. WHY??? because they are FREAKIN' AH-MAZING!!!! I think I really need to get a life,hahaha. BUT yea.....Imma read the rest of the series, acuz I enjoyed SOOOOOOOO much the first time, I mean it could get better a second time(plus I think im havin' a vampire phase at the moment)

    And what better way to crave it with the Madden twins XD

    ♥LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!♥

    Author's Response: I fuckin love you Katrina! *kisses* Thanx for the review, hun!

  • Reviewed by: JustLikeYou on 07/22/2007 🚩
    That is really good. I'm gonna go read the sequel now!

    Author's Response: : ) Thanx for the review!
  • Reviewed by: Some Kind of Sin on 07/03/2007 🚩
    Hmmm I like vampire’s stories. And I wouldn’t mind Benji biting me so this is a good mix. :_)

    Author's Response: Who wouldn't?! Thanx for the review!
  • Reviewed by: Dorina Sanda on 05/29/2007 🚩
    That was hot. I like it and the sequel.

    Author's Response: Tanky-tanky
  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 05/21/2007 🚩
    I think it is good. I am going to read the sequel now^^ =)
  • Reviewed by: angel_of_death_1013 on 05/21/2007 🚩
    i love vampire fics they are my fav so update really soon kk


    Author's Response: This story itself is done, but I'm actually working on a sequel...xXhangingthereXx bribed me into doing it...
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 05/21/2007 🚩
    He could of just told her. He didn't have to bite her, though I would want him to.

    Author's Response: C'mon now, would you believe him if he did tell you that?..."Hi, I'm Benji and I'm a vampire"..."Yeah, OK..."
  • Reviewed by: xXhangingthereXx on 05/20/2007 🚩
    I really like it. I love the vampires!! LOL. I think that you should turn this into a story. This is wonderful!! And besides I think that we need more vampire fics!! Please make this go somewhere I will give you... A vampire Benji!!


    Author's Response: that case...