Reviews For Always My Home-wrecking, Craddle-Robbing, Whore of a Daddy by LiLmIsSmAdDeN

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  • Reviewed by: xXPumpkinXx on 10/02/2008 🚩
    I guess this was actually a story written by Freud about the Oedipus complex...^^

    Go Benji-man!
  • Reviewed by: wWwRiotGirl on 04/03/2008 🚩
    Uh... even if she did skip 8th AND 5th grade... she would still be a young Junior. But whatever. And you weren't lying about the horrible sex scene. ): How lame.
  • Reviewed by: ihearthobbits on 02/17/2008 🚩
    lmao at how the first-time sex was the worst pain she ever experienced.
    and lmao to "benji-man".
  • Reviewed by: Rye on 08/27/2007 🚩

    Hehehe. That's some school... fourteen-year-old seniors and no concern from authority figures at the sound of screaming and moaning coming from the boys locker room? xD How unfortunate that we must share a fanbase with people such as these. -shakes head-

  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 04/22/2007 🚩
    Hardly anyone orgasms the first time they have sex ... I can not believe there is more of this wonderful little story that hardly makes any sense. Great job though, you had me laughing
  • Reviewed by: GCobsessed on 04/21/2007 🚩
    See all of this bad writing is causing me to flip out. lol.
  • Reviewed by: GCobsessed on 04/21/2007 🚩
    I puked, some people should not be allowed to write. I am offically scarrred.
  • Reviewed by: Madness on 04/22/2007 🚩
    It is indeed a very shitty story... But this "It’s a bird, it’s a plane… NO, It’s Benji-man!" made me laugh:)

    Author's Response: Hehe.
  • Reviewed by: XxWoundedxX on 04/21/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: I love you.