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  • Reviewed by: hackerblade on 07/30/2008 🚩
    i love all your stories and i can't wait for the next ones are you gonna write one about the kids when the get older?
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 05/19/2007 🚩
    Hooray for gay and lesbian infants, toddlers, and children! I can't wait to read the next story and really get into the couples, but I know I'm gonna be checking back at that list a lot. Tis the end of another one of your marvelous continuations of Impossibilities. I must ask, how many more stories are you planning? Will this next one focusing on the kids be the end? I hope not! Either way, great job on this entire story.

    Author's Response: Two more stories after this :) The one about the kids and then one about the beginnings of each couple--that one will be 4 or 5 chapters.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 05/18/2007 🚩
    Questions, what band is James in and when were Xander and Carrie-Anne born?

    Author's Response: 18 Visions and around the year 2010
  • Reviewed by: starlite_luver on 05/18/2007 🚩
    cant wait to see what happens to all the couples and the families that they will have. love your stories and cant wait to see your new ones. you do really good by keeping up with all the families and the ages and stuff. i would never be able to do that. kudos to you! well hope to see the follow up to the kids soon. : )
  • Reviewed by: fanofmusic24 on 05/18/2007 🚩
    Love it, Love it, Love it. Wow really really good the kids are so cute. Can't wait for more.
  • Reviewed by: Fietje on 05/17/2007 🚩
    Another baby in the house soon. It's great :D Loved this chapter!
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 05/17/2007 🚩
    This chapter was sweet. =) New baby yay! I hope they have a girl. Thank you for clearing up the ages and such at the beginning. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 9 whole years since the beginning of the first story. O_O
  • Reviewed by: fanofmusic24 on 05/16/2007 🚩
    So good, I love this. It made my night, hard times in life but its nice to loose yourself in a good story, which this is. Love it, Love it, Love. The kids are so cute.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 05/16/2007 🚩
    I liked when all the couples were remembering the last 9 years, and Paul being pregnant(that's good, and unexpected), and I hope he gains weight(when he's pregnant). Also, I hope Corbin speaks(by the end of this fanfic).
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 05/14/2007 🚩
    Yay the Aiden/Skylar love is back! They hadn't been mentioned for awhile. Okay so how old are Makaile and Jaggar? I appreciate the explanation of who's whose kid in this chapter. I think I needed that. =)
  • Reviewed by: starlite_luver on 05/14/2007 🚩
    aawww. aiden and skylar are so cute!! cant wait to see what happens when they're all grown up.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 05/14/2007 🚩
    OMG, Aiden and Skylar is really cute(even if they're little kids), and new kids(teenagers) sounds interesting.
  • Reviewed by: fanofmusic24 on 05/13/2007 🚩
    That is cute. I love it. Really happy about other stories regarding this group. Aiden and Skylar are so sweet.
  • Reviewed by: Fietje on 05/12/2007 🚩
    Awesome chapter! Can't wait for an update :D
  • Reviewed by: starlite_luver on 05/09/2007 🚩
    this is a really great story as are all the others. i think its amazing how you can keep up with everything. hope to see more soon!!!! :D
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 05/06/2007 🚩
    I'm happy Jacoby and James found Corbin, and happy that's he safe and unharmed, but still sad that he won't talk.

    Author's Response: It's not that he won't, it's that he can't--his voice just hasn't found itself yet. Thank you for reviewing, I'm gonna try to get another chapter up today, but it may hafta wait until tomorrow :) It's finals week...
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 05/06/2007 🚩
    Yay a happy chapter! =) I was excited yesterday when you said in the review response that the new chapter was coming soon. I'm so happy that their family is back together. ^_^

    Author's Response: Yeah--I couldn't leave them sad for long. I actually just submitted chapter 11, so it should be up soon :D
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 05/06/2007 🚩
    FINALLY!, Jimmy cracked and Blaise and Corbin are home, but its sad that Corbin still isn't talking or laughing, and when Tuck saw him and signed 'Hi, babes', that was cute.

    Author's Response: Thanks---that came out a little bit dirtier than I planned :) But I just submitted chapter 11, so it should be up soon :D
  • Reviewed by: punxkid on 05/05/2007 🚩
    Wow....I'm completely stunned.

    That was...hard to read.

    I hope you update soon, I gotta know what happens.

    Author's Response: It was hard to write too! But I figured I had to throw something in there that no one was expecting. The next chapter should be up sometime today :)
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 05/04/2007 🚩
    Well no shit he's serious about Blaise and Corbin! I'd be handling it was worse than Paul is. Anyone ever asked me to send my kids to Canada then there'd be some hell to pay. I must have been in a coma or stoned(not literally) when the last few chapters were posted, because for some reason I just missed the updates, so I'm sorry for not reviewing them. Oh, but I must say the explanation of puberty in the last chapter was just great. Haha. This is my favorite story I'm reading right now. =)

    Author's Response: Thank you--that's a really sweet thing to say :D I liked the explination of puberty too--I just thought about how hard it would be to explain without all the gross details (they're still a little young for the gross details :) ) rnPaul is extrememly upset right now, and Jimmy is hormonal--but I should have the next chapter up today :D