Reviews For To Have, To Lose, To Heal

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  • Reviewed by: maddiemoo39 on 01/24/2008 🚩
    Interesting .. In a good way. =]

    Author's Response: :)
  • Reviewed by: wannarock on 04/08/2007 🚩
    hey, i like it, i always like your stories =]. the only thing i could say is that you use "a lot" quite often. it was a little distracting.
    you're an awesome author though
    -sara beth

    Author's Response: Hmm, I'll take a look--it might have just been like...I sometimes use select phrases in individual phrases to emphasize it and add a sort of poetic feel to it, but thanks for your comment!
  • Reviewed by: person on 03/14/2007 🚩
    I can definitely relate to this. :/
    and "billy" can be a jerk.

    Author's Response: ;)