Reviews For Life's Little Imperfections

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  • Reviewed by: LadyJibril on 03/15/2007 🚩
    Awwww the perfect date! Wooo. How sweet. That was so sweet. And I loved the hilary explaination. Good job. Xox post soon!

    Author's Response: I could love to have a date like that! thank you for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 03/13/2007 🚩

    Evil horsegirl! He never should of picked up his phone.

    Author's Response: Hahahahahhaha
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 03/13/2007 🚩
    Riely goes and opens her big trap in chapter six that should be the title lol. love you deary, Riely

    Author's Response: lol To bad it's not going to be and is not the chapter!
  • Reviewed by: LadyJibril on 03/13/2007 🚩
    Ew!!!! Why would u introduce her!!
    Its over between them!!! Lol

    I love this fic! Greay job!

    Author's Response: thank you! I love that you love this fic!
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 03/13/2007 🚩
    He he he me and Benji on the couch what more could a girl ask for (lol). Love you punkin, Riely

    Author's Response: Maybe you guys in bed??????
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 03/13/2007 🚩
    Hopefully everything will be okay for those two.

    Author's Response: wink wink
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 03/13/2007 🚩
    He sure did. Aw, to them wanting each other to be the parent to their kids.

    Author's Response: thank you for reviewing! I thought it was a cute idea
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 03/10/2007 🚩
    Wow this seems like so long ago huh peaches? (lol) If only everyone else knew what this story has in store for them he he he ... Love you cupcake

    Author's Response: yay for finally being able to review!
  • Reviewed by: Poison_girl777 on 02/07/2007 🚩
    awesome chapter cant wait for the next chapter

    Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! I'll update soon.
  • Reviewed by: jen1 on 02/05/2007 🚩
    please keep updating.

    Author's Response: I will as soon as I can! Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 02/05/2007 🚩
    Ha Ha Ha damn straight you pay me ... in food
    Love your review whore ;0)

    Author's Response: in cake! lol, I love our inside jokes! lol

    Love your little reese's peanut butter cup.
  • Reviewed by: JustLetMeCry on 02/05/2007 🚩
    love it very well written update soon

    Author's Response: awww thank you! I will try to update as soon as I can! Thanks for reviewing.
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 02/05/2007 🚩
    Oh! Oh! What'd she get? What'd she get?

    Author's Response: chapter you will find out! lol thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: jessica05 on 02/05/2007 🚩
    I b29; THIS STORY!!



    Author's Response: I will try my hardest to update soon. I'm glad someone besides Riely likes it, she only likes it because I pay her to. lol, j/k. I will update soon...hopefully. Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 02/04/2007 🚩
    YES Riely gets some action lol... I think you posted this because you were stalling and did not want to do your anatomy lol naughty naughty Love you Autumn

    Author's Response: hahaha you are right about the Anatomy my dear friend!! Let me tell you I love you so much that I needed you to get some action. You will be getting more so stay tuned. Oh and Cake talk will be a normal thing...just like with us! lol...Love you mucho!


    P.S. Freckley boys needs to make a come back!
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 01/28/2007 🚩
    Oh no. I am the biggest review whore. lol I even try to get people on here to review my You Tube account i think that right there is the icing on the cake (why is it that we always talk about cake lol) Another amazing chapter loved it even more the second time

    Author's Response: OOOO cake!! I love cake! lol we always talk about cake because we love eachother like a fat kid loves cake! lol fine you love reviews and I will love comments! lol from now on these are comments not reviews! lol

    mucho love!
  • Reviewed by: jen1 on 01/27/2007 🚩
    keep updating

    Author's Response: I will be soon! Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: LadyJibril on 01/27/2007 🚩
    AWWW dang he really totally did screw up!~
    Post sooonn

    Author's Response: Yeah he did. I tried to think of something that would be really messed up but not completely horrible. I will be posting by like monday or sunday night depending when I finish my chapter. Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: pinkmartini on 01/26/2007 🚩
    really cute!
    cant wait for more!

    Author's Response: I should be updating soon. Probably monday or so. I go to college so it's hard to update everyday but I try. lol, Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: jessica05 on 01/26/2007 🚩



    Author's Response: Hahaha thanks for the review again. I will be updating soon. I have ideas for the next chapter running through my head. I'm glad you like it so far!