Reviews For Life's Little Imperfections

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  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 08/06/2007 🚩
    WOW sweetie i love you for this chapter. We need to start collaberating again I miss it. BUT anywho i love love love love love everything about this chapter. thanks punkin ... if only my real brithday had been that good.
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 08/05/2007 🚩
    lol kinky, update again soon =]
  • Reviewed by: vansque on 08/05/2007 🚩
    best birthday gift EVER!!!
  • Reviewed by: LadyJibril on 08/04/2007 🚩
    Happy birthday indeed!

    Woot! Go the shower scene so the best place to do such things lol!

  • Reviewed by: JustMe06 on 07/19/2007 🚩
    love this story ive read it twice!

    Author's Response: Lol awwwww thanks! I'm so happy that you love it!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/03/2007 🚩
    thats original.
    very sweet.

    Author's Response: Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/03/2007 🚩
    lol, this is such a cute story.

    Author's Response: Thank you! I try lol. Thanks for the review!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/02/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: =0) thanks!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/02/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: =0D
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/02/2007 🚩
    very nice. :]

    Author's Response: Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/02/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: Great word for a great chapter! lol Thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: perfectxlove_story on 07/02/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: indeed! lol
  • Reviewed by: OnTheEastCoastWeRide on 06/26/2007 🚩
    Thanks love yes happy fucking birthday to me (lol) deary i love you and miss you soooo much. I loved that im convo ... only us two. talk to you soon darlin -Rie

    Author's Response: Hahahaha I would burst out in a Happy Birthday song but it's kinda late! I love you to and I miss our funny talks. The IM convo had to be the funniest part of the whole story....I loved that it was REAL!! hahaha lol....I'll talk to you soon, Hopefully! Love you!
  • Reviewed by: chrisrey on 06/26/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: =0) Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 06/26/2007 🚩
    Happy late birthday!

    Yay for Joel being home with his baby's momma.

    Author's Response: Yay!!! Happy stories are good stories! lol
  • Reviewed by: LadyJibril on 06/25/2007 🚩
    Wwwoooo happy bday rie!
    What will happen now joels back? Woo

    Author's Response: yes Happy Birthday Rie and I don't know we'll just have to wait and see what will happen! lol thanks for the review!
  • Reviewed by: jessica05 on 06/25/2007 🚩


    Author's Response: awwww thanks I will be soon! Thanks for reviewing like you always do!
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 06/24/2007 🚩
    lol yayy hes home =] update again soon. =]

    Author's Response: YAY!!! I love happy chapters! I will hopefully before the end of the stay tuned! lol Thanks for the review!
  • Reviewed by: vansque on 06/24/2007 🚩
    finally steve came to his senses, oh...what the two love birds doing there on her birthday..?

    Author's Response: hahahaha Thats most likely what the next chapter will be about because Riely will kill me if I don't add her and Benji time. Thanks for the review!!
  • Reviewed by: IloveMADDENboys on 06/24/2007 🚩
    Awwww...Audie, yay, you're back!!!!!! I missed this story! A lot! Glad you updated and this was so cute. Poor emo Joel! But yay he's back with Evie, that makes me happy. I love this story, it's so cute. And hopefully I won't have to wait so long before another update. Hehehe! Love ya, hun. *kisses*

    Author's Response: HAHAHA Yes I am back!! Thanks sssooo much Char I ALWAYS look forward to your reviews since you review like all my stories. Hopefully I won't have a hiatus before my next chapter but I can't promise anything...working sucks. I am gonna try my hardest to bang out the next chapter. Love you more!!! *muahs*