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  • Reviewed by: punxkid on 02/07/2007 🚩
    Awww it ended!

    Awesome job!

    Can't wait for the next portion.

    Author's Response: It should be up pretty soon. My computer had a mental breakdown (aka: the hardrive crashed) and took the next part of the story with it. It really makes me mad because I had it down perfectly, I just needed a couple of touches and then I would have posted it, but it's gone and I'm trying to remember everything.
    Thanky you for the review!
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 02/02/2007 🚩
    Aww. That's the end?! =( I loved this story. Thanks for clearing the biological dad thing up at the end. I had been wondering about that for the whole story. lol. I can't wait to read the Billy/Brian story. =)

    Author's Response: Sorry- I always forget whether or not I've made something clear, so I thought I'd just add the information. Thank you so much for the continued support throughout the stories. I'm nearing the end of the first chapter of Billy/'s Imagine Me and You...It's True... and should be up soon!
  • Reviewed by: Saphira on 02/01/2007 🚩
    I love this one too!!!!!!!!!!! you are such a great author!! thanks for such a cute story!!!

    Author's Response: Thank you--that's such a sweet thing to say! Um... the next story should be up soon! Thank for sticking with the stories.
  • Reviewed by: iluvmybenji on 02/01/2007 🚩
    awwww it's all over?? *tear* I fucking love these two stories and I can't wait for part three!!!!!!!!!! please tell me that it'll be up soon?? Amazingly fantastic wonderful job!

    Lots Of Love

    Author's Response: Thank you--you're making me blush! I will try to have the first part of the third story up in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for sticking with these stories!
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 02/01/2007 🚩
    I liked the last chapter, and it was a good way to end this interesting sequel.

    P.S. Cute name for the new baby, and is Joel's 3rd baby gonna be born in the Brian/Billy story?

    Author's Response: Absolutely--there will be another baby Sanders in the next story. I'm glad you liked the story---I'm sorry it was so rushed in the end, but like I said, I was fresh out of ideas. Thank you for sticking with the stories, I really appreciate it.
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 01/31/2007 🚩

    Author's Response: Thank're making me blush! The next chapter should be up tonight (or earlier tomorrow). Thanks again.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 01/31/2007 🚩
    I liked this chapter(except for Justin hurting Johnny), and I'm happy Johnny was able/got pregnant.

    P.S. I can't wait for the next few chapters of this one, and the Billy/Brian story.

    Author's Response: The next/last chapter of this one will be up in the next couple of days (hopefully) and then I'll start the Billy/Brian one.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 01/18/2007 🚩
    I liked this chapter, and all the babies names were cute, and the last line brought tears to my eyes.

    Author's Response: Yeah--that's a line from one of my favorite books that my mom used to read my when I was little. It's called love you forever, and it's just an amazing story...I love it, it makes me cry! I'm glad you like the names, I tried to make them good cuz someone got pissed at me for naming Matt and Joel's boys after the guys--oh well! I'll try and get the next chapter up as soon as I can, but I'm getting bombarded with school, so...yeah!
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 01/17/2007 🚩
    Aww.. Johnny's back. =) I'll admit that until this chapter I was feeling a little bad for Benji. It seemed like he was getting a little left out in the relationship. All the happy stuff at the end of this chapter scared me cause I thought it was gonna end the story, so I was glad to see the last few sentences. =P Great chapter

    Author's Response: Nope, it's not the end...I have a few more chapters left in this lovely! Thank you for the review! The next chapter will be up tonight.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 01/16/2007 🚩
    I'm happy Johnny's back to normal, and I liked how the chapter ended.

    Author's Response: Thank you! I always appreciate your reviews...and as always thank you for sticking with the story! Chapter 4 should be up pretty soon.
  • Reviewed by: on 01/13/2007 🚩
    i think i hate you now. poor johnny!!
    other than that, i love this fic. keep it up

    Author's Response: Other than the fact that you hate me, I'm glad you like the fic. The next chappy should be up in a couple hours, I'm putting on the finishing touches.
  • Reviewed by: Xx_Chik_Vicious_xX on 01/05/2007 🚩
    Eek! I can't believe the sequel is up so soon! *does happy dance* The first 2 chapters are awesome, but it's so sad that someone who wants to have a baby so bad can't have one. =( Can't wait for an update!

    Author's Response: Thank you--I'm sorry the update has been so long in coming, but like I said before chapter 2, I went on vacation. The next chappy should be up today *couple hours!*, and I'm so glad you like it.
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 01/05/2007 🚩
    I'm happy Johnny's awake, but its sad(what Justin Sane) did to him and its sad(that he can't get pregnant, ever).

    Author's Response: I'm sorry I give such mixed emotions. I'm also sorry it took so long to 1 respond and 2 get the next chapter up...but I was on vacation. It felt just wrong not to be writing!
  • Reviewed by: iluvmybenji on 01/05/2007 🚩
    YES YES YES YES YES!!! i would do a fucking really retarded looking victory dance if i hadn't been glued to my chair reading this!yay!! sequel!!

    this story totally kicks ass even if it is really depressing. GLAD YOU GOT IT UP HERE SOOOON!!!

    lots of love


    Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond, but the next chappy will be up today! I was on vacation and without computer (I didn't like it!) You're reviews always thrill me when I get them! I promise there will be some happy in chappy 3!
  • Reviewed by: Level27BillyFan on 01/03/2007 🚩
    Good 1st chapter, and when I saw that Johnny almost died(I got teary-eyed), and the ending of the chapter was good(I'm happy, Johnny's not dead).

    Author's Response: Oh, c'mon now, you know I couldn't kill Johnny off! I love the little man dearly! No, I have big plans for our little bassist! I'm glad you liked the first chapter--the second should be up tomorrow.