Reviews For Bad Habit

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  • Reviewed by: maddiemoo39 on 11/29/2007 🚩
    Angst, i watched that on potter puppet pals that was so funny. this was an awesome story dude. very gud.

    Author's Response: Thank you. :)
  • Reviewed by: Annora on 07/08/2007 🚩
    Oh. I love it. So angsty and sad and makes me want to shoot Paul and the twins in the foot with a nail gun.

    Author's Response: Thanks. Hehe. ANGST!!
  • Reviewed by: trifecta perfect on 12/21/2006 🚩
    Totally awsome! can't wait for the song choice too.

    Author's Response: I actually planned that one as a one-shot, but thanks for reviewing. I love the song too. :)
  • Reviewed by: Kristin on 12/20/2006 🚩
    OMG. The Dresden Dollsssss.
    You are my hero! Love.

    Author's Response: Yes. The Dresden Dolls. Um...thank you? <33