Reviews For Tomorrow

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  • Reviewed by: ColdSmile on 12/03/2006 🚩
    Love it. Seriously.

    Author's Response: <3 Yay!

  • Reviewed by: person on 12/02/2006 🚩
    AHHH HOW DO YOU DO IT??? everything=perfect. and it makes me want to listen to some silverchair haven't in months.

    Author's Response: Yay! I feel so...accomplished now!

  • Reviewed by: The Insane Vampire on 12/02/2006 🚩
    OMG, steal my life! XD I'm like that everyday, "I'll tell him tomorrow" and then I don't. T.T

    Awesome writing, though!

    Author's Response: Hehe. Thanks--it was based off of something that happened on Thursday. :)

  • Reviewed by: JustCallMeShaniqua on 12/02/2006 🚩
    I love Silverchair and I love Billy and I definitely love your writing. Thanks.

    Author's Response: Yay! Me too (on the Billy and Silverchair part). I'm glad you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it!