Reviews For Remember to Breathe

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  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 05/07/2011 🚩

    update :)

  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 06/24/2010 🚩
    aw, how I miss your stories :(
  • Reviewed by: RougeJedi on 02/14/2009 🚩
    I just rediscovered this story again after a loooong absence from GC, and boy was I surprised to see an update ! So YAY ^^
    I love the plot, seems like a really fresh idea so keep writing :) All the characters are very believable and I love your style.
    Hope you update soon.

    Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy the story and hope that I can get an update out soon!
  • Reviewed by: KirstiKorpse on 02/01/2009 🚩
    more more more!
    really good.

    Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. I hope to get more out soon.
  • Reviewed by: Sydney on 01/27/2009 🚩
    Aw, this is such a good story. More people should read it.

    Author's Response: Thanks so much. I hope more people read it. But I did take a long break from it for awhile. So anyone who did read it probably forgot all about it. Thanks for the review. More to come soon.
  • Reviewed by: CassandraxMorbid on 01/27/2009 🚩
    Keep it coming, you've captured my interest :)

    Author's Response: Thanks so much. I hope to get more out soon. Hopefully I will be able to keep your interest.
  • Reviewed by: CassandraxMorbid on 01/27/2009 🚩
    HAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!!! I so want to do that to a guy. Awsome chapter :)

    Author's Response: lol. Isn't she a fun character! I just love her. Thanks for the review.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/24/2009 🚩
    I mean "dick and sucH". Geez. Should learn typing properly....

    Author's Response: Eh, mistakes happen.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/24/2009 🚩
    Haha, that's unfortunate. Mine doesn't watch any sports except Formula1 so the list of things on his mind a lot shorter. Even I watch more sports than him :D And doesn't snore either. I feel so special now, I might have lucked it out this time :D
    What I need a co-author for is to write from Benji POV. I'm dealing with Joel POV right now :)
    Okay, I'll stop spamming your review board now.
    By the way, don't you just love how they censor out sex in story summaries and replies and basically in anything written in italics, while you can write dick and suck without any problems? :S

    Author's Response: The censorship is really annoying! A Benji POV story sounds very promising. I want you to write it. Like right now.
  • Reviewed by: annakate on 01/23/2009 🚩
    I wondered what happened to this story. Glad it's back!

    Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry. I had some computer issues and a million other stories going. But I'm going to keep updating it. Thanks for the review.
  • Reviewed by: N B on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Amusing story. :)

    Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you like it. I hope to get more out soon.
  • Reviewed by: Smiley_Screamer on 01/23/2009 🚩
    hey, no long updates!!! I really like it.. want to know how it'll end)) update soooner pwease)

    Author's Response: I know, I will do my best. I will update a few other stories before working on this one. But hopefully before the month is over. I already started the next one.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Uhm, NO? Just sex. Pretty much, at least 99% of the time. Sometimes other things slip in, like "need food in tummy" "need dick in her mouth" "need Massa to win race" "need dick in [finish as you please]" So yeah. And there's nothing wrong with horny boys, they can be entertaining, especially if you happen to be horny girl ;)

    Author's Response: LOL. I would like to see you write from a horny Benji POV. It would be very amusing. You have a very good idea of the way boys think. But my boy probably gauges things a little differently.... "Must watch ESPN" "Need food in tummy" "Must watch more ESPN" "Need dick in (finish as you please)" "Snore loudly" Then repeat! And as a girl that enjoys s** way more than sports that order just does not work for me!
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Oh, believe it or not, guys do think like that. I know, pathetic. But they do. And it comes from someone who's been living with a horny guy for the past four years. They do. It's sad. But funny.

    Author's Response: I know! It's so funny. Don't get me wrong, I can be a horny girl (as you can tell from pretty much anything that I've written) but a guy is like a million times worse! I think that s** may be the only thing they can think about. And sports. s** and sports.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    “You’re stupid. You should have just done the fuck and run.”
    Alex is a very smart girl. I like her.
    But I can relate to Lola's thoughts too.... I was reading an article on Points in Case (hilarious, check it out) and there's this guy who happens to be funny as hell, looks hot and was a bouncer once. That's a plus. Don't ask why. It is. So there is his article about the upsides of being a bouncer, and then an argument breaks out on the message board, people messing with him, that he's a douche and stuff and someone writes "Do you have any idea how big he is?!"... Ever since it has kind of stuck in my mind. I would like to know, honestly... So yeah, I can totally understand Lola :P

    Author's Response: LOL. Too funny. Lola's thoughts really amuse me. She makes me laugh. Sure she's a fictional character I made up, but it's still fun! Hope to get more out soon.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Ewwwww!!! As I said, simple mind....
    "I look at her and give her my best sexy look.

    “What?” She sits back. “What’s that look for? Are you going to vomit too?”

    This was brilliant! :D God, I love you! :D
    But the sad truth is, she's SOOOOOOO going to sleep with him. Well, probably not anytime soon. We'll get to see a lot of very sexy foreplay first I'm guessing. (Okay, hoping. Shoot me now...)
    Yet another awesome story. You go girl!
    Lots of love!

    Author's Response: Thanks! I love your reviews! You are amazing! And she probably will sleep with him. And there probably will be lots of foreplay. At least I think that's what the plan is. But I always change my mind. Thanks so much for the kind review. I didn't know if I would be able to do the humor of this story justice. But I think it's coming together fairly well. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope I can get more out soon. I really was crazy starting all these stories. There is no way I can keep up with them all! But I am trying my very hardest.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Poor poor boy. Simple mind, simple thoughts... the only thing they can earn him is an aching erection. And no girl.

    Author's Response: I know. And I must say, it is so fun to write part of this story from a horney guys perspective. I'm sure no male actually thinks like that. But it's fun to think they do!
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    I like Lola. ::) Ooops alien smiley :) Hm, I should lay off the Bailey's...

    Author's Response: Ha ha! Good stuff that Bailey's is. Even if it makes alien smilies! Lola is very fun. I like writing her.
  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 01/23/2009 🚩
    Haha, that was fun. Mozart. Smart line. :D

    Author's Response: LOL. Thanks. I think of random things to put into my story sometimes....
  • Reviewed by: littlebit51 on 01/23/2009 🚩
    One of my favorite stories of yours, please update soon =)

    Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry it took so long for me to continue. But I finally got inspired again! Hopefully it stays that way.