Reviews For Gud Charlut Baykes Kookies

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  • Reviewed by: Rye on 07/26/2007 🚩
    Wow. o o; And to think... we share a fanbase with these kinds of people? The world is doomed. X3

    Author's Response: Guh. I know XP
  • Reviewed by: nntssbaby on 11/14/2006 🚩
    I love you :3

    Author's Response: Aren't you the one that wrote that to begin with?

  • Reviewed by: Pyro27 on 08/29/2006 🚩
    The original story by that chick was sick and disturbing. I wanted to be sick and I don't think I would ever want to go to her house for dinner or anything Ewwwwww Good MST! That chick needs to stop Writing she is just horrible Good Story!


    Author's Response: God, I know. I was like WTF!! This girl killed two people for no reason... poor Joel and Paul. And what was with Jack Black and fishnets?! Thank you for the comment.
  • Reviewed by: PurpleTwilight on 08/29/2006 🚩
    HAHAHA I Read this on I had done and mst of one of her other ones.. this person seriously is on something I swear all of the storys are like that and there obsessed with PUNXGOTH! OMG LOLZ! blah..

    Author's Response: Yeah. I was thinking; what the Hell is PUNXGOTH?!? So yeah. Thank you for the comment. I'll try to MST more stories like this.