Reviews For He Shoots, He Scores

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  • Reviewed by: yorkshirevamp on 04/27/2007 🚩
    Holy hell, that was perfection!!!!

    Author's Response: Why thank you =)
  • Reviewed by: darkersideoflove on 09/14/2006 🚩
    ahaha it was goooood!

    Author's Response: Haha, thanks. ♥
  • Reviewed by: meiko on 08/25/2006 🚩
    that was very fun, i enjoyed it alot. thanks for writing it.

    Author's Response: Oh you're very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.
  • Reviewed by: Electricbabyxo on 08/25/2006 🚩
    That was awesome. I love the whole play off "he shoots, he scores."

    Author's Response: Thanks :) I was hoping it wouldn't come off as too cheesy or anything.
  • Reviewed by: Manda on 08/24/2006 🚩
    I love it.
    I LOVE IT.
    I was all like, "YAY JOEL SHOWER SEX."
    Then I was like, "Ewwww, Meg sex!"
    hahaha. But I enjoyed it very very very much!!!!


    Author's Response: Hahahahaha, next time it will be Manda. Glad you liked it. ♥
  • Reviewed by: on 08/24/2006 🚩

    Author's Response: Oh yes, rad.
  • Reviewed by: BenjisRockerBaby on 08/24/2006 🚩
    haha, awesome!!!

    Author's Response: Haha, oh yeah. Thanks Steeeef.