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  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 02/07/2014 🚩
    Woo 3 chapters, something told me to check for 11pm. I quite like the persistence that Benji displays. I am useless at giving deep and meaningful criticism so all I can say is I am curious about what will happen next so that has to be a good sign =)

    Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have a lot in my head and a lot of free time ;) more is on the way. Thank you so.much for wanting more!
  • Reviewed by: Pegasus on 02/07/2014 🚩
    Another story I remember fondly! I reread this one from the start again too :) I loved reading all the new events and seeing these two get even closer. And oh my god he finally kissed her!!!!! FINALLY. Benj is so wonderfully gentle and patient and caring to Linda all the time, he's such a sweetie. I liked the development about his anger issues in the previous chapter though, that was interesting and gave him another dimension. I'm keen to see how they each react and move forward after Benji's revelation... maybe they might circle back to their original bonding means and chat online again whilst they figure this out?
    Thank you for updating after all this time!! And for finally having Benji tell Linda how he feels :) It's great to have several Benji stories to look forward to updates for!

    Author's Response: Haha, I love your awesome reviews! Thank you so much again for taking your time to read everything again. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Thank you. Another chapter is on the way! Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: GCFreak on 02/03/2014 🚩
    Yay! I love that they finally kissed! Poor Linda though and poor Benji. :-( hope you update soon! I'm loving this story.

    Author's Response: Yay. Finally, right ;) I'm currently working on the next chapter and it'll be up pretty soon I think. Thank you so much :)
  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 01/11/2014 🚩
    I certainly hope to see more of this...even if it's every few years? I'm curious to see where it all leads =)

    Author's Response: Oh my God! You remember the story! THANK YOU!!! I've already started working on the next chapter so hopefully it won't take years this time... maybe just a week or two ;) Thank you agan!
  • Reviewed by: Sheena_Punkrocker on 09/08/2011 🚩
    Benji wants to be her friend and something more, methinks ;) Very nice, my Darling! Keep up the awesome work . . . What's going to happen between the two of them? Surely he doesn't drive up there ONLY because he wants to be her friend? Update! ;)
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 08/29/2011 🚩

    aw yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i just read what you wrote in the authors note for the last chapter. loveddd :)


    benji = lovee him! 

    Author's Response: Hey! Don't know if you'll see this, but I figured I'd let you know, I've updated... a lot :)
  • Reviewed by: _thrillhouse on 08/29/2011 🚩
    I am absolutely thrilled this has been updated! That must mean another update's coming, yes? ;) I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Reviewed by: Sheena_Punkrocker on 04/28/2011 🚩
    Yaay! She's got it, oh baby she's got it *singing*
    I like it! Keep it going m'kay. Much love back to you my darling!

    Author's Response: Thank you darling! :)
  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 04/17/2011 🚩

    aw yayy! you can always count on me to review :)

  • Reviewed by: merlel640 on 04/06/2011 🚩

    update? :)

    Author's Response:

    Oh my Gosh! I thought I had been totally forgotten! I know people may not believe me but am I actually trying to update my stories... even if was years ago since I updated. I'm sorry about that but I haven't had the right inspiration. But now... thanks to you my friend I'll try to have an update done in the next few weeks. THANK YOU!

  • Reviewed by: Sydney on 11/24/2009 🚩
    Aw I missed this story. This has always been one of my favorites on this site. I'm glad you updated.
  • Reviewed by: xNatsx on 11/22/2009 🚩
    I've just started reading this story and I love it! Benji is the sweetest thing ever in this

    Author's Response: Yeah, he is the sweetest, maybe too sweet tough ;) But I like it ;) Thank you for reading and reviewing, I appreciate it a lot ;)
  • Reviewed by: Kate on 11/22/2009 🚩

    I had completely forgotten about this story and how much I like it. I don't think you're losing your touch at all. Keep up the good work :)

    Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that, and thank you. I'll hope I can start on the next one soon ;) Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: deathrowhearts on 11/21/2009 🚩
    I really like this. I hope she manages to stay away from Tony and figures out what a great boyfriend Benji would make. ;) I hope you post more soon.

    Author's Response: Thank you! Hihi, we'll see about that ;)
  • Reviewed by: _twilight on 11/21/2009 🚩
    aww this chapter was cute =] I can't wait for the next one!

    Author's Response: Thank you thank you!
  • Reviewed by: iaminfinite on 11/21/2009 🚩

    I think i have been very much sucked into this story. I deffinitly need more! :) oxo

    Author's Response: Hihi, that's nice ;) Let's just hope the next one will be to your liking. Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 12/30/2008 🚩
    i really, really, really wish that you would update...

    Author's Response: I'm trying my best. I'm working on both stories... but life gets in the way. But my dear boyfriend has now found an intrest in War of Worldcraft which means he's going to sit in front of the comupter more often which leaves more to write. I'll update as soon as I can. I'm sorry!
  • Reviewed by: Sheena_Punkrocker on 10/13/2008 🚩
    They're gonna kiss before the ned of the night.... eller kanske inte. :O Jag mste kolla min mail oftare ju! Visste inte att du hade uppdaterat :/ Vrsta cute :)
    Snart ses vi... bara 18 dagar kvar? (Tror jag rknade rtt?)
    Men men, keep up with the great work. Love ya. Hugses!!
  • Reviewed by: shewearsgreen on 10/07/2008 🚩
    yayness!!!!!! ^_^

    love this story lots.

    Author's Response: Haha. Thank you so much :D
  • Reviewed by: annerievenstar on 09/19/2008 🚩
    YAY!!!!! more updates please :D

    Author's Response: I'm working o the next chapter right now. Hopefully it will be done by the end of next week ;)