Reviews For The Innocent Prostitute

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  • Reviewed by: Rye on 09/30/2007 🚩
    Wow... hehe. Just wow. -shakes head- xD Some prostitute, huh? "Yes, of course I'll have sex with you... but God forbid I'm seen NAKED." =P
  • Reviewed by: xxgiveitallupxx on 08/14/2006 🚩
    oh. gawd.

    Author's Response: I know. Trust me. I know.
  • Reviewed by: Lost in a Jungle on 08/13/2006 🚩
    Lmao, good mst!
    It may be just me, but it seems like GC fan fic is getting worse.
    Dear God.
    But anyway, good job! :)

    Author's Response: Thanks. And yeah it seems like it. Or maybe because GCFF was down we had to read actual books so now we're in shock when we see bad fanfiction. O rmaybe it just really sucks. I think that's it.