Reviews For How To Love like a Rockstar

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  • Reviewed by: karauniit on 12/06/2006 🚩
    Good MST.
    You should write some more sometime. :)
  • Reviewed by: lovato_rocks on 11/23/2006 🚩
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I haven't laughed this much for a while! Ok this is it...I officially love you for writing this MST! =P x
  • Reviewed by: uniquelikeyou on 08/13/2006 🚩
    Hey, not to be too harsh or anything, but you might wanna try running you comments through spell check. 'Cuz it looks stupid to be hatin' on someone else's spelling when you can't spell yourself...good otherwise, though.

    Author's Response: Thanks. And that was all typed and posted very quickly, I'll take more time next time.
  • Reviewed by: on 08/12/2006 🚩
    that was very terrible, good MSTing tho. very nice.

    Author's Response: Thank you