Reviews For How Many Girls Are Knocked Up?

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  • Reviewed by: lovato_rocks on 11/23/2006 🚩
    Sorry, but what's so wrong with the story? You're MST is confusing...I don't understand it really, has it been MST'ed before or something? Coz it looks lke that at the start...anyways...

    Author's Response: I'm sorry that you didn't understand it. I'm even more sorry you don't see just how bad this story is. Regular msts use stories where the person couldn't even bother to use spell check, the great msts use stories with no plot.

  • Reviewed by: xblackxrainx on 11/09/2006 🚩
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA woooooow. I laughed my ass of reading that and the fact that I'm in school makes it really bad. I tried my hardest not to start laughing out loud and ...partially succeeded ha. I love both of your comments...I'm assuming two people are commenting in the beginning and your commenting in the end by yourself. You did a great job haha.