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  • Reviewed by: MellowPac on 01/08/2015 🚩
    The chapter title fits my reaction quite well, FINALLY. I remeber this story!!!! Really excited you updated! Loved the chapter. Can't wait til next year! Lol. Just kidding.

    Author's Response: Haha, I'm really gonna try and update faster this time! But I've been so caught up with Blind Date and I don't know what happened with the time :/ Thank you so much for getting back to me and I do have the next chapter in my head so it shouldn't take that long for an update. But I won't make any promises, hihi! Thank you for getting back to me and thank you for remembering, it means the world to me! Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: Pegasus on 02/01/2014 🚩
    Oh wow I remember this story! Very exciting to see another chapter and find out what happens next. I've reread the whole story which took ages and was so enjoyable... I really like the characters, I love how Benj is Bella's rock, you paint him as such an amazing boyfriend and especially when Bella really really needs him (though he does still have his flaws like the temper tantrum over carrying Bella's books and not getting his 'reward' lol) And I love how sweet Joel is, and the relationship he has with Bella is so lovely. Hope to see another update soon, I want to find out how Bella is, and if Ms Madden is ok with Benji and Bella's relationship, and also if there's any progress in poor Joel's love life... he deserves someone very special! Thanks for updating!!

    Author's Response: Oh my God! You have no idea how happy you just made me! I'm so happy that you enjoy my story and that you actually took the time to reread it. Thank you for that! I promise it won't take years for another chapter and hopefully you'll enjoy it :) Thank you thank you thank you! :)
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 11/10/2009 🚩
  • Reviewed by: DelilahRain18 on 10/15/2009 🚩

    hey great story...but um is this the last one?? or are you makeing more chapters???

    Author's Response: Last one? Oh no. We are not even close to the last one ;) I've started on the next chapter, but I can't really say when I'll be able to update again ;) Hopefully sooner than later ;)
  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 10/08/2009 🚩
    yaaaay an update...soooo happy!!
    love this story and this chapter and i cant wait to rea more x

    Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that updating so slow as I do is making people lose interest and forgetting me. I'm happy I still have you here. Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: yellowzebra on 07/24/2009 🚩
    Oh please update soon!!! I just finished the story it's so good!
  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 07/23/2009 🚩

    You haven't lost it. Hopefully now her and her dad can have the relationship they were trying to make. I think they both need it.

  • Reviewed by: arrgitsdana on 07/23/2009 🚩

    That's the last thing she needs is more people fighting "because" of her. I hope Benji's mom comes around.

  • Reviewed by: freak_like_me on 07/17/2009 🚩
    yaaaaaay!!!! i love this story sooo much!
    Can't wait to read more! xx
  • Reviewed by: joels_isolated_dream on 06/25/2009 🚩
    wow, i have been reading this story forever. i am so glad you recently started updating. you have certainly not lost your touch =] keep up the good work!

    Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that! Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 06/11/2009 🚩
    Nicely done!
    Well put, ohh what is going to happen next!

    Author's Response: Hihi, that is something only I know... but not for long I hope ;) Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 06/10/2009 🚩
    i feel so bad for her dad =[ but yay u updated!! cant wait for more...cuz i rly dont know wat will happen now lol

    Author's Response: Hopefully the next update will come as "quick", but I have my doubts ;) Thank you for sticking with me :)
  • Reviewed by: bacalacanono on 06/09/2009 🚩
    sooo good.
    def one of my favorites. thanks!

    Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Can't tell you how happy that makes me feel to hear :)
  • Reviewed by: Sheena_Punkrocker on 05/29/2009 🚩
    Review! Glömde nästan bort den. Kom på när jag kollade min mail idag ;)
    Muchas good :) Jag blir avis, jag vill också skriva!! More, more, more :)
  • Reviewed by: bacalacanono on 05/27/2009 🚩
    i've missed this story! update soon, great ending to the chapter.

    Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry I'm so slow, but hopefully another chapter will be up by next week... hopefully!
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 05/27/2009 🚩
    his moms a bitch, wats the big deal, he loves her. update soon plz =]

    Author's Response: Hihi, I have another chapter halfway done so hopefully it will be up by next week ;)
  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 12/30/2008 🚩

    please update soon... i miss this story

    Author's Response: If you remember me... well, I updated ;)
  • Reviewed by: stef on 08/14/2008 🚩
    so i'm not that big of a gc fan anymore but i still enjoy reading your story its awesome keep it up please ;)
  • Reviewed by: babypunx on 07/21/2008 🚩
    i miss this story....=] *hint*hint*

    Author's Response: I am so sorry. I have had a long vacation and been out of town and I have a really hard time writing when my boyfriend is home... :( I'm so sorry. But I have been thinking a lot of this story and about the readers.... I'm sorry. I am however back now and hopefully my boyfriend will be out of the house a lot ;)
  • Reviewed by: Sheena_Punkrocker on 05/28/2008 🚩
    Oops, I kinda forgot you updated. Plus, we haven't had Internet for waay over two weeks. Almost three :O :p

    Aanyways, I read, and you still got it :)

    Synd att vi inte kunde ses igår. Hoppas vi ses snart!!!! (K)