Reviews For Benji Goes on a Date With His Dog. [My first MSTS]

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  • Reviewed by: bleeding_black_tears04 on 07/03/2008 🚩
    I honestly don't even know what to say.

    I did, though, laugh at the fact that you corrected her after she clearly, throughly, thought about spelling 'ParmeJohn.' I mean, she CLEARLY spelled it right...

    Ha. All joking aside, WOW, you're amazing.
  • Reviewed by: Pyro27 on 12/20/2005 🚩
    That was wrong on SO MANY LEVELS!!!! I can't believe someone would actually write like that That was to hillarious thanks for posting this!!

    Author's Response: Lol, you're welcome. And I completely agree. But you see how weird some people are.
  • Reviewed by: benjis_bitch on 12/20/2005 🚩
    [laughs ass off] That was a great MST, keep writing

    Author's Response: Haha, for sure. ;)
  • Reviewed by: Emotionless_shadow on 12/20/2005 🚩
    Oh gawd what a terrible story. But great MST. It was funny when you said we can get maddied by your favourite fire hydrant haha funny stuff. You should write more of these. Your funny. Chantelle xx

    Author's Response: Lol, yeah I was like 'what the fuck is this?' I mean he went on a date with a dog!