Reviews For Visions of Sugar Plums

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  • Reviewed by: steLLina on 12/29/2006 🚩
    Benji doesn't believe him? That sucks man, how can he think Joel would be joking about something as serious as that? Not cool.
  • Reviewed by: emergencyCALL_911 on 12/27/2006 🚩
    I love it. hopr you update soon

    Benji kinda sucks for doubting Joel though :(
  • Reviewed by: imissmymind on 12/18/2005 🚩
    Look at you! Eight reviews... and you say no one ever reviews your stories. Well, I guess I'll make it nine. Anyway, original story. Should be awesome. I think my new one will be updated Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday-ish. I'm leaning towards Tuesday, maybe. I'll talk to you later... (P.S: Kris10... I get it. lol, Sorry, I've been a little slow lately.)
  • Reviewed by: jennieambrose on 12/17/2005 🚩
    ::claps:: I like it! Very good start!
  • Reviewed by: pageavenue57 on 12/17/2005 🚩
  • Reviewed by: pageavenue57 on 12/17/2005 🚩
    bitch i didnt get a merry christmas HO HO HO HO you hoe lol you owe me loveyou bro

    Author's Response: HO HO HO, HOE! I actually thought you couldn't see it but no one else got I LOVE YOU! I'm trying to talk to you on AIM :(... sucka can't see me. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (I'm getting you a tampon Tree... I told holly.)
  • Reviewed by: Intoxicated_Lies on 12/17/2005 🚩
    Damn you for leaving me hanging like that! AH I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!! :) J/P Good chapter though, I cant wait for the other ones! Oh must add, writing chapter to I Once Heard It Was Easier To Walk Away, as we speak.

    Author's Response: Wow reversed roles here. Thank you for reviewing! I'm happy to hear you're writing cause I look forward to that update. I hope you keep reading AND writing:). Merry Christmas!
  • Reviewed by: on 12/17/2005 🚩
    OMG you're keeping me in suspense right now haha it's not fair! update

    Author's Response: Hahaha Score so there really is supense in here :) I only put that the story was suspense so people would read haha... Well I planned on it being suspense but I wasn't sure how I did. Thanks for the review... you made my night. Keep Reading and Merry Christmas
  • Reviewed by: pageavenue57 on 12/17/2005 🚩
    dude for once tellme when your gonna post so i can be the first to review ass.... nice story makes more sence with the summary bro

    Author's Response: Haha... shut up. You love me and you know it. Feel special that you were one of the first to read it :) I only trust one person to check my work first and that's you! Love ya!
  • Reviewed by: on 12/17/2005 🚩
    It's very original. I like it so far! Good job girl!

    Author's Response: Awww Thanks... You guys made my night and put a huge smile on my face. I hope you keep reading. Merry Christmas.
  • Reviewed by: steLLina on 12/17/2005 🚩
    I don't know what it is, but you always make me smile with your stories :) Hopefully, you'll update soon :D I really can't wait :P

    Author's Response: awww... you make me smile with your reviews! Thanks so much and I'm really glad you liked it. I'll update once I get a few more reviews. Merry Christmas!!