Reviews For Hush

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  • Reviewed by: xStarx on 08/15/2008 🚩
    Still love this
  • Reviewed by: gcfooeva666 on 12/17/2005 🚩
    damn that was good! u are a great writer and that was one really hot! story rock on

    Author's Response: heh :) thanks so much for liking it, and thanks for liking my stories :D
  • Reviewed by: heartfeltxxlies on 12/07/2005 🚩
    you write amazing stories

    Author's Response: thank you so much :)
  • Reviewed by: heartfeltxxlies on 12/07/2005 🚩
    ... I envy you're talent but I love being able to read it

    Author's Response: awe. thank you :)
  • Reviewed by: xXSpikeXx on 11/21/2005 🚩
    Hahaha, oh man!
    I love it, Challa.
    Mwuaha, elephant thong.
    I swear, that's pretty much the greatest story.
    I love you, homie!

    Author's Response: hehe ;)
    I've always wanted to use the elephant thong in one of my stories, so you know... :P
    thanks :D Love you too!
  • Reviewed by: xgoodxcharlotte44x on 11/13/2005 🚩
    Hahaha, first off, its hilarious..and hot. Hehe that was fucking great!

    Author's Response: hehe.. thanks :)
  • Reviewed by: Krissy on 11/13/2005 🚩
    HAHA! ahh...i love this one challa.
    it made me giggle.

    Author's Response: aww... thank you :)
  • Reviewed by: Dim the sun on 11/13/2005 🚩
    Tut tut tut, naughty Benji. Caught with his hand in the cookie jar lol. Well done, loved it! xoxoCaity

    Author's Response: thanks :)
  • Reviewed by: Dim the sun on 11/13/2005 🚩
    Excuse me, where do we sign up for Library Playtime With Benji? lol xoxoCaity

    Author's Response: hehehe ;)
  • Reviewed by: xCriedOutToHeavenx on 11/12/2005 🚩
    Caught again? *shakes head*. Great story.

    Author's Response: mm... thanks for liking it :)
  • Reviewed by: liaFsesneS on 11/12/2005 🚩
    I loved it. Yet another great one from you.

    Author's Response: aww.. thanks :)
    I was kinda... unsatisfied with this one... *sighs* but I'm still glad you loved it :) Thanks for reading :D
  • Reviewed by: xCriedOutToHeavenx on 11/12/2005 🚩
    Oh my, playtime with Benji.

    Author's Response: oh yeah ;)
  • Reviewed by: xgoodxcharlotte44x on 11/11/2005 🚩
    Hehe its great!!

    Author's Response: thanks :)
  • Reviewed by: lola on 11/10/2005 🚩
    Play time with Benji...*drools*

    Author's Response: hehe ;)
  • Reviewed by: Made4Benji1979 on 11/10/2005 🚩
    once again another great story by challa keep it up this is one of the best ones yet

    Author's Response: hehe.. thanks :) I'll try to get the next chapter up soon :)
  • Reviewed by: fiesta_ on 11/09/2005 🚩
    i love it.

    Author's Response: thank you :)
  • Reviewed by: brokenstarxx on 11/09/2005 🚩
    i love it! update!

    Author's Response: thanks. working on it :)