Reviews For Benji's Love

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  • Reviewed by: animalrightschick on 08/04/2006 🚩
    How long am I suppose to leave my eyes in the acid? I don't want to put them back in and still have this story's slime on them.
  • Reviewed by: cristeta on 11/01/2005 🚩
    omg, the original story is so ridiculous! i can't believe that girl..xD it's like she got all the stuff it takes people many years to get in a month or so..:D

    Author's Response: lol i no ay. it was so funny to mst because it was that bad! lol For a second i thought the review was for my other story and i was like aww she didnt like it :( but then i realised its for the mst haha thanks for reviewing! Luv Chan
  • Reviewed by: benjimaddenisahottie on 10/02/2005 🚩
    me again um i said great alot in my other reveiw!! great ge=reat great great great story chaunny!!! lol katiexox lol!

    Author's Response: ............haha thanks for reviewing twice!
  • Reviewed by: benjimaddenisahottie on 10/02/2005 🚩
    hey! great mst but wtf was my name doing in there u bitch im not as retarded as ur story lol! well great story ehhehehehehehe now i look smart hahah not i cant use spell check lol! great story anyway luv ya! ooo i shud say katiexox (is that right) lol!

    Author's Response: Hahha katie you silly! kaytie is another person. I found her story on fandomination. It aint you lol. Thanks for reviewing
  • Reviewed by: Benjis_mine_hands_off on 10/01/2005 🚩
    First to review! Oh yeah! Anywhore, great MST. Keep writing them hun.

    Author's Response: haha thanks! i will, they are pretty fun to write lol. Luv Chan