Reviews For One Thing Can Change Anything

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  • Reviewed by: Challa on 09/26/2005 🚩
    awesome. I'm a little confused though... Mikey, Benji... she didn't wanna fuck Tony - but he raped her... ugh. maybe I'm just tired *shruggs* great job though! rock on!!

    Author's Response: yeah he raped but she didnt want to be with him in the first place? i hope that helps?....:)
  • Reviewed by: Challa on 09/25/2005 🚩
    awww :) the last part was sweet. I like this one. *adding to favorites* keep up the great work. :D

    Author's Response: kewl im in your favorites!! *dances around room*
  • Reviewed by: Challa on 09/25/2005 🚩
    oooh! thats great dudette! I like it very much. why didn't you tell me about this story earlier? Like it a lot. keep up the great work. oooh, and you even mentioned me in the summary :D wohooo ;)

    Author's Response: yeah because i did get the idea from big bad benji add on to your to now!! i wanna read more!!
  • Reviewed by: MESTUPCRAPPHEAD on 09/23/2005 🚩
    Great story! Is the rapist guy Tony Lovato cuz if it is i'm gonna cry. :( But update soon.:)

    Author's Response: yeah it's him
  • Reviewed by: glama69 on 09/23/2005 🚩
    that is a gud story, updaye soon

    Author's Response: thanks I'm adding on to it right now!
  • Reviewed by: TiNkErBeLl98 on 09/22/2005 🚩
    seems good... i will read if you post more...

    Author's Response: ok I'm doing just that