Reviews For Maybe It'll Come True

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  • Reviewed by: Elpmis Krap on 09/21/2005 🚩
    Yay for Paul stories! I really liked this chapter and can't wait to read more.

    Author's Response: haha, thanks. paul wont actually be in the story for awhile. thankies for the review.
  • Reviewed by: lost_in_me on 09/21/2005 🚩
    YOU ROCK! Paul needs more fics about him...anyways, awesome first chapter! Update again soon!-Joy

    Author's Response: haha, thanks very much. we do need more paul in this world, he's totally awesome. thanks for reading/reviewing, next one will hopefully be up soon!
  • Reviewed by: Lost in a Jungle on 09/21/2005 🚩
    A Paul story? Of course I'll read and review. 'Course, the lack of Paul in this chapter was a little disapointing, but I'll forgive you if you update soon! Good start.

    Author's Response: yes, i know, paul wont come in for several more chapters =( ill update as soon as i can, thanks for reading and reveiwing!