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  • Reviewed by: punkrockwhore on 10/27/2005 🚩
    love it

    Author's Response: thanks :)
  • Reviewed by: Emotionless_shadow on 10/19/2005 🚩
    this story is awesome!! i cant wait to see wat happens. I dont like sophie already!! Update soon

    Author's Response: thanks :) hehe.. neither do I. working on it at the moment. Will post a new chapter later on tonight or tomorrow morning :) thanks for reading :)
  • Reviewed by: xgoodxcharlotte44x on 10/14/2005 🚩
    It's awesome! Another great story from you! hehe Icant wait for an update, hurry! This is so one of my favorites!

    Author's Response: thanks. I'm working on it. The new chapter is half finished... I just you know.. need to sit down and finish it. *rolls eyes* thanks for reading :D
  • Reviewed by: i dont care on 09/26/2005 🚩
    wo0t yer got it and it totally rocks

    Author's Response: cool. thanks :)
    I'll send you the rest whenever I update.
  • Reviewed by: cassiedesrosiers on 09/25/2005 🚩
    i love this story!! it gave me another idea for a story! but im not gonna take it away from you if you dont want me too!

    Author's Response: :) its ok. really. I'm just happy that people get inspired by my stories, so please - go ahead. you know I'll be reading it, so it better be good :P haha.. I'm just kidding. I will read it though. *nodds* thanks for reading this one. :)
  • Reviewed by: forgetmenot on 09/13/2005 🚩
    YAY YOU FINALLY REPOSTED IT!! hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Author's Response: yeeeeey :D
  • Reviewed by: bpjcbgxc on 09/13/2005 🚩
    i loved your story. i just read all the chapters you've posted so far. i would have reviewed each but it was just easier this way. i hope you dont mind. i can't wait to read more. :)

    Author's Response: thanks :) I don't mind as long as you write at least one review ;) that sounded bad, but I hope you got what I meant. I'll try to update it later on today. thanks for reading :D
  • Reviewed by: i dont care on 09/13/2005 🚩
    hey your storys really good, but i was wondering would you be able to send the first parst to me by email at, because i go to boarding school andt he school have blocked that part and i will only be able to read it through my email., great story once again and i hope you update soon.

    Author's Response: thanks. yeah, sure. I send you an emal, so let me know if you got it, ok? I'm working on a couple of new chapters at the moment, so check back soon - and there might be some new readable shit here. :P rock on!!