Reviews For Benji, Joel, and a Magical Ghost

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  • Reviewed by: NikkiCee on 10/13/2007 🚩
    Yet another great job - You at MSTing, not what's her face at writing - this was very amusing, and again, don't even want to what the author was thinking (or on) when she wrote this. Oh, and maybe next time, Benji could use rock salt, since it seems to work so well in Supernatural... Couldn't resist, since I have an obsession with Supernatural...
  • Reviewed by: Bunny on 09/07/2005 🚩
    can i throw the greasy french fries at lil_princess? or maybe that gun... she doesn't deserve to be let within 10 miles of a computer. she's going to be the death of us all...

    Author's Response: I think we might have a big lynch mob going for Lil_Princess, and you're welcome to join! I'll find you a pitchfork and a torch... Ok, I've been watching way to many old horror films lately. Ha ha, thanks for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: _Rocker_Chick_ on 08/31/2005 🚩
    awesome MST, horrible story (lol). And silver bullets ARE for werewolves :P lol. I DONT WANT YOU TO DIE DURING THE SEQUEL! *cries*

    Author's Response: I'm *gasp* not *gasp*dead yet, but it sure is hard to stay alive in these circumstances... Ha ha, thanks for the review. Look for part two soon. If I survive!
  • Reviewed by: gc_freakazoid26 on 08/26/2005 🚩
    haha your remarks we're funny. lol. oh btw, silver is for vampires. just to remind you. lol. Love peace and bacon(or in this case french fires) grease!

    Author's Response: Oh, darn! *takes box of silver bullets out of ghost hunting kit* Guess I don't need these anymore! =) Thanks a lot for reviewing!
  • Reviewed by: Beli on 08/26/2005 🚩
    Do you think her ghost will get us if we kill her? ~Awesome Job! Keep writing!

    Author's Response: I don't know, *loads rifle with silver bullets* but it's a risk I'm willing to take. He he, thanks for the review!
  • Reviewed by: doyoureallycarewhoiam on 08/25/2005 🚩
    I am making it my mission to find this lil_princess and make sure that she can never write again!Awesome Job with the MST!

    Author's Response: As much as she makes me want puke each time I read one of her stories, I can't help but think that the MST category would be very bare if she quit writing! Thanks a lot for the review!