Reviews For Benji meets 'Katie Holmes the punk'

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  • Reviewed by: Emotionless_shadow on 12/20/2005 🚩
    I swear the story made me feel like punching the screen!! When she said her nose fell off i imediately thought of Michael Jackson lol. Great MST. It rocked so much more than this pre primary written story!Luv Chantelle

    Author's Response: HAHAHAHA! MICHAEL JACKSON! I didn't actually think of that...If you could see me now...I'd be laughing so hard. Sam xx
  • Reviewed by: IAlmostDied14 on 09/30/2005 🚩
    MATER! oh no Im gunna start saying that. That was some funny shit

    Author's Response: Wooo! Thank you. Sam xx
  • Reviewed by: Kara31191 on 09/01/2005 🚩
    HEHE stupidesty person to ever walk this planet I'de say... MY GOD... It didn't even make sense... nevermind the spell check. I'm horrible at spelling but i mean GOSH! Worst author ever. And seriously, what was a 'mater'? I don't get it! =/ Cool MST... compliments to ya... ~Kara~

    Author's Response: I know! Jeez! She shouldn't give up her day job...Thanks for the review. Sam m/ xx
  • Reviewed by: Midnight Ice on 08/30/2005 🚩
    OMG What a 'stopid' story. Haha it was so funny. I wish Benji would just 'BANG' into my room to. :O Great Job lmao.

    Author's Response: Yeah...we can dream...Thanks for the review. :) Sam m/ xx
  • Reviewed by: BlackheartedMadden on 08/26/2005 🚩
    I think FD spites us by letting these stories exist...but I wouldn't be laughing at your hilarious comments if they didn't!

    Author's Response: Well...that is true. Sam m/ xx
  • Reviewed by: Dim the sun on 08/25/2005 🚩
    Whoever wrote that was fucking insane. I loved it :) [obviously not the story, the MST]

    Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sam m/
  • Reviewed by: x GivE in or GivE up x on 08/25/2005 🚩
    What. The. Fucking. Fuck. Was that? Uhm.. yeah... ANYWAYS, your MST rocked the shit out of this 'story' lol. Keep it up. -- Xx Mayra.

    Author's Response: I know. I think my exact words when I found the story were "What the fuck is this?!" Thanks for the review. Sam m/
  • Reviewed by: ILoveBenjiMadden on 08/24/2005 🚩 sucked ass! (the story not the MST)who ever wrote that has alot of free time on their lonely ass hands and they need to learn what spellcheck is... wait nevermind even if they did know what it was it wouldnt help them their story would still suck donkey balls....the MST was funny though!!

    Author's Response: The story sucked so much! They really should have Story Validators on FD...but if they did, we wouldn't have anything to take the piss out of! Sam m/
  • Reviewed by: dickorcunt on 08/24/2005 🚩
    i really dont think spell check would help her even if she did spell the words right the stroy would still be shit but it was funny atleast.

    Author's Response: I think she needs to bang her head against the wall and knock her braincells into place...oh who am I kidding? Just braincell. Sam m/