Reviews For Switch Places

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  • Reviewed by: unlikelyriotgirl on 06/05/2010 🚩
    you have to write more!!! what happens next!!
  • Reviewed by: ninfa992 on 10/24/2009 🚩
    is an awesome standalone, u really should do more to this one, it can turn in a really good story =D
  • Reviewed by: Annora on 03/22/2009 🚩
    =[ sad!!!!

    Author's Response: this is so old. can't believe it's still being read. thanks for reading!
  • Reviewed by: hankthegirl on 03/25/2008 🚩
    aw, this is so sad, you should definitely do more on this one.
  • Reviewed by: maddiemoo39 on 01/18/2008 🚩
    Awwwwe!! That was so sad!! Man, yooh made me cry!! ='[ But, then again, that is really easy. Good on you man, Yooh done a really good job on this. Well done.
  • Reviewed by: theheartlands on 11/08/2006 🚩
    Sadness. I really like how you hinted at what happened without explicitly stating it, yet still gave enought details to be able to understand what was happening. Very nicely written. I like the last sentence.
  • Reviewed by: eviltwin on 09/19/2006 🚩
    oh god YES i DO want more
  • Reviewed by: maddenlvr on 08/12/2005 🚩
    hey!! i think u should really write more its a good story!

    Author's Response: kk. Workin...
  • Reviewed by: bleeding_heart_87 on 08/10/2005 🚩
    I liked the ending and as much as I like standalones you could definitely add more. It's be awesome to read on with other possibilities...

    Author's Response: cool. I umm. I'll add more to it...i'v had it written for a while but I've been TOOO lazy to put it up. Thanks for the review -Jess