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  • Reviewed by: Annora on 11/22/2008 🚩
  • Reviewed by: Branded Useless on 07/04/2005 🚩
    AWWW! Noooooooo! It can't be a dream!!!! Is there any more? PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU!!! DON'T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: BillysRiotGirl on 07/03/2005 🚩
    Wow, that was really beautiful... It was really sad it was a dream =( Will they ever be together? *hopes* Anyways, you rule =)
  • Reviewed by: Sick_Freak on 07/02/2005 🚩
    This is really good! Its so sad that its a dream and well done on making Benji sound so emo. LOL! great job!