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  • Reviewed by: ViciousAngel on 05/10/2008 🚩
    Wow that was fantastic! xxx
  • Reviewed by: PunkRockPrincess on 11/08/2006 🚩
    This oneshot really moved me. Amazing writing. Amazing story.
  • Reviewed by: AcrylicTears on 10/05/2005 🚩
    Woah... You are absolutely amazing. I was nearly crying. It really touched me. You have to be one of the best writers on the site. Absolutely exquisite.
  • Reviewed by: lost_in_my_thoughts on 09/25/2005 🚩
    I loved that. Definetely going onto my favourites straight away. A-fucking-mazing. Kirst.
  • Reviewed by: flamesofdarkness on 07/24/2005 🚩
    that is so sad was that like a sequel to something or what ? i like it but it was kind let me get this straight .benji is in love with joel and joel was in love with joel? or joel was really deppresed and he killed him self? well w/e chow
  • Reviewed by: better_off_dead on 07/18/2005 🚩
    *tears* wow,so sad, wow *tears*
  • Reviewed by: Deathly Stupid on 07/02/2005 🚩
    That brought tears to my eyes! No lie. Because stories usually don't make me cry... But this was very good! I loved it.
  • Reviewed by: oddsocks on 07/02/2005 🚩